Don’t run ahead in your own strength

His fame grew. The crowds pressed. There was so much ministry to be done. So many lessons for the Savior to teach. And what did He do? He withdrew into the wilderness and prayed. (Luke 5:16). So often, I see needs….So many good things to do. And too often, I run ahead in my ownContinue reading “Don’t run ahead in your own strength”

Walk in Christ

Are there false teachers among us? Certainly. The early church was impacted by them and so are we. The Apostle Paul was prompted to write his letter to the church at Colosse to encourage believers to walk in Christ and resist the false teaching of the day. One such false teaching held that there wereContinue reading “Walk in Christ”

Has THIS ever happened to you? And some math

One Sunday morning, my son texted me a verse to pray for him over the next while. Later that morning, I flipped my verse calendar to Sunday’s verse. It’s was the exact same verse!It was the SAME VERSE! I immediately asked my son if he had seen my verse calendar before asking me to prayContinue reading “Has THIS ever happened to you? And some math”

Christmas is so hard when you are grieving.

So many friends.So many women I’ve met when speaking. So many I’ve been connected to by mutual friends. So many are hurting. I know so many widows. I know others who have lost a parent, or a child, or a marriage. It’s heartbreaking. I’m watching some lose loved ones slowly who have dementia. Will youContinue reading “Christmas is so hard when you are grieving.”

Dear sojourner walking in a lost world, will you pray?

I woke up thinking about the conversation my brother, my son-in-law and I had yesterday about the great revival movements of God. We had resolved there is nothing that might keep God from doing it again. My brother then mentioned how the spark that started the greatest revivals in history had been that of layContinue reading “Dear sojourner walking in a lost world, will you pray?”

“Be anxious about nothing.” Really, nothing?

Does nothing mean nothing? Cause I got some somethings that don’t feel like nothings! But there it is, “Be anxious for nothing.” (Psalm 4:6) And wouldn’t you know I’d come to this verse in my study of Philippians when I’m awake at 4am anxious over something?! Do I really have to live everything I writeContinue reading ““Be anxious about nothing.” Really, nothing?”

We the People, better pay attention

It’s Constitution Day. This should matter to Christians. For this document was written with freedom in mind. And Christian, our freedoms to exercise our faith, and freely speak about our faith, have never been more in danger. Look around. Notice what is being done in the name of safety. These infringements on our rights shouldContinue reading “We the People, better pay attention”

Remember there’s a battle you can’t see, and PRAY!

I couldn’t sleep. I woke up early thinking about this world (and, to be honest, my own little world). I was reminded of my study of Daniel about a year ago— Daniel is praying fervently as the Lord, through Gabriel, explains the things which are to come— the destruction of Jerusalem, the coming of theContinue reading “Remember there’s a battle you can’t see, and PRAY!”

Do you need to remember God hears your prayers?

John is about to end his letter with a powerful punch of truths. John would have his readers remember the confidence they have in Christ, and the confidence they can have in prayer. When John wrote his letter, Christianity was spreading like wildfire, though it was far from easy to be a Christ-follower. False teachersContinue reading “Do you need to remember God hears your prayers?”

REAL change and our role

When Paul wrote his letter to Timothy, there were estimated to be 60 million slaves in the Roman Empire. Slavery was sanctioned by the culture and the government. I find it curious, and convicting, that in the face of this injustice, Paul gives instructions for slaves to honor their masters so that the name ofContinue reading “REAL change and our role”

He sees. So let’s rest. But how?

God sees.He knows.There’s rest to be had in this truth. But how? Paul tells Timothy, “ Some men’s sins are clearly evident, preceding them to judgment, but those of some men follow later. Likewise, the good works of some are clearly evident, and those that are otherwise cannot be hidden”.(1 Tim 5:24-25) Here’s the deal…Continue reading “He sees. So let’s rest. But how?”

This is WHO you need to pray for today

We usually pray in the mornings, but it was a particularly busy morning. I asked my husband if he still wanted to pray and he smiled, and replied, “I’d be a fool not to”. I smiled too, and not just because my man’s so cute! But because I had just read Paul’s words to Timothy—Continue reading “This is WHO you need to pray for today”

A Battle in the heavens

Daniel is praying fervently as the Lord, through Gabriel, explains the things which are to come— the destruction of Jerusalem, the coming of the Messiah, the disobedience of His people, the abomination of desolation, the AntiChrist.(Dan 9) In chapter ten, Daniel, now about 84 years old, has been mourning and praying. As he stands byContinue reading “A Battle in the heavens”