Jesus was enough on the day we were saved and He will be enough every day we ever live.

Jesus was enough on the day we were saved, and He will be enough every day we ever live. The Apostle Paul, who walked in such victory, through the hardest of circumstances with real joy, says, in Christ “dwells all fullness of the Godhead bodily and you are complete in Him, who is the headContinue reading “Jesus was enough on the day we were saved and He will be enough every day we ever live.”

Walk in Christ

Are there false teachers among us? Certainly. The early church was impacted by them and so are we. The Apostle Paul was prompted to write his letter to the church at Colosse to encourage believers to walk in Christ and resist the false teaching of the day. One such false teaching held that there wereContinue reading “Walk in Christ”

Do you love someone walking a hard road?

Are you watching someone you love walk a hard road? Last night, my husband and I joined many other volunteers to collect 1153 Tiny Trees to be disbursed to kids staying at our local Children’s Hospital. Our community dropped off so many trees that our local Meals on Wheels and nursing homes will receive someContinue reading “Do you love someone walking a hard road?”

I need God, right now.

I don’t know how to say this except to say it—there are plenty of days my strength seems small. Just yesterday, I shared some deep truths about God on this page from the book of Job. But, I’ve been feeling a little down over the state of our country and decided to go ahead andContinue reading “I need God, right now.”

“You look like sisters”

I’m flat out happier because I know them. I was with one of them last night when someone remarked, “You two look like sisters.” I responded, “Well, we’ve grown up together these last twenty-five years.” And we have. Though we aren’t related genetically by blood, we are deeply connected by the blood of the Lamb;Continue reading ““You look like sisters””

Sometimes, I just have to set my Bible study down.

Sometimes I have to set my Bible study down and simply WORSHIP. Oh, I love to learn of Him. But there is a place in my soul overwhelmed by more of Him than words could ever express… head bowed down, hands held high to the MORE THAN I CAN IMAGINE GOODNESS of OUR GOD! IContinue reading “Sometimes, I just have to set my Bible study down.”

Let’s talk about SEX!

Paul has been expressing his love and appreciation of the Thessalonian church and then, BAM!…he starts talking about SEX! (I Thess 4) And as it is today, so it was then, sex can be a stumbling block even for those who love Jesus. Those early believers had stood strong in the face of affliction andContinue reading “Let’s talk about SEX!”

When you don’t have the perfect picture

We are a people desperate to be reminded of the hope we have. Our flesh forgets. Our souls become downcast. Our eyes forget to look beyond the here and now. We struggle to remember God can make a way when our limited imaginations can’t fathom any possible way. And we, who possess eternal hope, spiralContinue reading “When you don’t have the perfect picture”

No matter what…keep going to the ROCK

I’ve watched him In the mornings for over twenty years. He opens his Bible. He bows his head and closes his eyes. I know my husband is praying for the Lord to speak to him. And this morning, as I read Psalms 1, the wisdom of this is not lost on me— “Blessed is theContinue reading “No matter what…keep going to the ROCK”

Even the faithful feel hopeless sometimes.

We don’t talk openly about it very often. It’s usually a whispered discussion if we say anything at all . But this thought occurs for many of us, sometime over our lifetimes. Those who are of the faith, sometimes feel hopeless. Sometimes,circumstances,are so very bad,we even despair of life. We don’t think we can goContinue reading “Even the faithful feel hopeless sometimes.”

Does this beautiful thing ever happen to you?

It still amazes me when I come across a passage of Scripture that seems to flash like a neon sign. Though the words have been there for thousands of years, sometimes, they seem beautifully brand new. I’ve even smiled a little bit in my prayers, saying, “God, did you just put that there?” His WordContinue reading “Does this beautiful thing ever happen to you?”

This is YOUR sign. Go to CHURCH tomorrow!

Go to church.No, really, GO to church tomorrow.Plan right now to do this. No doubt, a fuzzy blanket, a cup of piping hot coffee, pajamas and a podcast have become “worship” for some. I know some people are in seasons of life where they are home bound for various reasons, but I’m not talking toContinue reading “This is YOUR sign. Go to CHURCH tomorrow!”

Is this on your list for the New Year?

It’s a hard and holy thing. It’s still on my list as I think about goals for this new year. I think it may always be. To die to self. For many, who walk with Jesus, it’s a slow thing as we learn little by little, year after year, to die more to things thatContinue reading “Is this on your list for the New Year?”

Don’t be a LONE RANGER!

I just need a Timothy sometimes.Paul did. (Phil 2:19) I love that God gives us a peek into Paul’s need to be encouraged. You know it’s okay, it’s even God-ordained for us to give and receive encouragement from others? God tells us to continue to meet together and to encourage one another (Heb 10:25). HeContinue reading “Don’t be a LONE RANGER!”

Have you been grieving too?

We have spent days getting ready to celebrate a new baby to our family. We’ve seen God’s Hand answer our prayers as my niece and her husband, who have suffered through years and years of infertility, are ready to welcome their little one. And we rejoiced. But before all the guests arrived, before everything lookedContinue reading “Have you been grieving too?”

Let’s read Philippians together! An invitation!

All the Lord’s Word is good and useful and timely. I sincerely believe He supernaturally has us reading what we need when we need to read it. So MANY times, my morning Bible study has spoken directly to something I would face in the day or a concern I had been wrestling with the nightContinue reading “Let’s read Philippians together! An invitation!”

Hold on! One day this mourning will be turned into DANCING!

Just a little over a week ago, my husband held me and we danced. What a blessing it was. But, I have cried lately too—about Afghanistan, about a friend’s little daughter dying of cancer, and other friends who have lost loved ones to this pandemic. I have spoken with many others dealing with hard, stressfulContinue reading “Hold on! One day this mourning will be turned into DANCING!”

Happy Thanksgiving!

Oh that moment, I walk in the door at my parents’ home. Turkey cooking. Dressing baking. The aroma of delicious anticipation floating through the house. I want it to last forever. There’s something so wonderful about slowing down and savoring our blessings. Though our earthly blessings are fleeting, there are hints of heaven in everyContinue reading “Happy Thanksgiving!”