How NOT to worry in these hard days

It’s dark outside. My house is quiet. I haven’t turned on the news yet, but I already had a “flash flood watch” pop up on my phone. But my anxious heart, it’s been on a sort of “watch” for days. …trouble seems to be looming around every corner—earthquakes, Hurricane Ida, CoVid, Afghanistan, inflation, division… IContinue reading “How NOT to worry in these hard days”

When you just want some PEACE…

It’s a battle for truth out there, and not just about CoVid and vaccines, but even basic things like human sexuality and identity. Truth is being twisted, and manipulated; and it is confusing and discouraging. I used to trust what I heard on the news. Now information is spun so much my head hurts. 😳Continue reading “When you just want some PEACE…”

Trusting God in your Trouble

I snapped a picture as my daughter and I drove near Asheville a few years ago. I was traveling to speak nearby, and I wanted to show her where our family had lived when she and her brothers were little. How we had loved living there. As those glorious mountains spread out before us, treesContinue reading “Trusting God in your Trouble”

Here I am, anxious again.

It’s early. I rolled out of bed with a mean headache, a side effect of the nitroglycerin patch I’m now wearing. My mind went quickly to my heart, and more tests I’m scheduled for next week. It was so early, only 5 am, yet there it was, that dark cloud again. I began to prayContinue reading “Here I am, anxious again.”

Get Used To Different!

The widely popular show, The Chosen, (I love it!) has a saying, “Get used to different”. People are buying out all the show’s shirts that say this. The point is, to emphasize, how, after Jesus comes into our lives, we are different. He changes us and things look different because of Him. When the worldContinue reading “Get Used To Different!”

Those who swear by Him, shall see His GLORY!

In the quiet,in the still,perhaps in the sanctuaryof the early morning,David wrote,“O God, You are my God;Early will I seek You;My flesh longs for YouIn a dry and thirsty landWhere there is no water.I have looked for You in the sanctuary.To see Your power and Your glory.” (Ps 63:1-2) In the sanctuary of the earlyContinue reading “Those who swear by Him, shall see His GLORY!”

a STRANGE passage and peace

For years, I had read this somewhat strange passage and wondered what it meant— “When an unclean spirit goes out of a man, he goes through dry places, seeking rest; and finding none, he says, ‘I will return to my house from which I came.’ And when he comes, he finds it swept and putContinue reading “a STRANGE passage and peace”

Ancient Words to Heed Today.

Naomi had lost so much in Moab (see yesterday’s introduction to the book of Ruth). She heard the Lord was blessing His children in the Promised Land again and decides to return home. She encourages her Moabite daughter-in-laws to return to their people in hopes they could find “rest” (likely remarry as they were bothContinue reading “Ancient Words to Heed Today.”


Silence. That day after the Savior had died. The pounding of the nails, the jeers of the crowd, His cries of pain. Now Silent. His body in the tomb. What now? They surely longed to hear His comforting voice. But Silence. They had left jobs, families, everything to follow Him. Now what? Silence. Nothing.But.Silence. Confused,Continue reading “SILENCE”

Two criminals. Which one are you?

Those two criminals.Bleeding.Bruised.Guilty. In the Savior’s final moments, one criminal hung on each side of Him. Those two represent all of us.We are each likeoneor the otherof them. It’s no accident, this true picture. There they were.So close to Jesus.Can you imagine? They both knew who He was.But only one of them would be saved.Continue reading “Two criminals. Which one are you?”

“I’m not even mad at God about all this.”

Daddy has dementia. It’s the cruelest and strangest of diseases. He seems to float between moments of complete clarity, and absolute confusion and even delusion. We have had a rough few days as his sweetheart, my precious mom, the best caregiver ever, fell ill and had to go to the hospital. She’s better now butContinue reading ““I’m not even mad at God about all this.””

Do you know who you believe?

There will come a point, and it probably has already, when you have to ask yourself who do you believe? Maybe you ask yourself this a lot lately- Do you believe the world or God? If ever we’ve needed to resolve to be resolved about this question, it is now! The world’s truth and God’sContinue reading “Do you know who you believe?”

It has to be strange.

It has to be strange, curious, and honestly, a little absurd, for those who do not fear the Lord, to watch those who do, deal with things like CoVid, and even the craziness of our country, right now. What those, who do not fear the Lord, or perhaps have only dabbled in a secular religion,Continue reading “It has to be strange.”

Sweet Peace comes from this…

The preacher rejoiced because those new converts had received the Word of God, as so much more than the word of men, but as truth. “For this reason we also thank God without ceasing, because when you received the word of God which you heard from us, you welcomed it not as the word ofContinue reading “Sweet Peace comes from this…”

Concerned? Do this for some peace…

Daniel has become literally sick over what God has shown him will happen to God’s people as a result of their unfaithfulness. But Daniel gets up and goes about his work (Dan 8:27). He studies Scripture, specifically the book of Jeremiah (Dan 9:2); and he fasts, and he prays. But, before we race ahead, let’sContinue reading “Concerned? Do this for some peace…”

When your arms feel empty

She’s incredibly private. And one of the godly women I am honored to call family. She’s my niece and her words are honest. They are raw, and they are powerful. I know they will resonate with others, whether facing this specific heartache, or something else. Thank you Bradleigh for your vulnerability… “I believe our firstContinue reading “When your arms feel empty”