Moving past what you may think you can’t …

“And forgive us our debts as we also have forgiven our debtors”. (Matt 6:12, CSB) As we pray for the Lord to forgive our sins, we have to forgive those who have sinned against us. These things go hand in hand. And if we want to experience peace and freedom, if we want to prayContinue reading “Moving past what you may think you can’t …”

The small church in America

I’ve learned to keep my eye out for a steeple. It often peeks above a hill as I turn the corner and finally see the small church. Oh, the Lord has had me share in some big churches with parking lots like theme parks, but mostly it’s been the small churches where I’ve found myselfContinue reading “The small church in America”

God can bring good in ways you’ve never even considered.

“Your kingdom come. Your will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven”. (Matt 6:10) And with those words, my prayers seem quite lacking. For so often, I’ve prayed for my will to be done without giving enough thought to if what I’m asking for is His will. Honestly, I’ve spent way too muchContinue reading “God can bring good in ways you’ve never even considered.”

Fearful? Not fearful? What’s the difference?

It has to be strange, curious, and honestly, a little absurd, for those who do not fear the Lord, to watch those who do, deal with hard things. What those, who do not fear the Lord, or perhaps have only dabbled in a secular religion, do not understand, is that to fear God, more thanContinue reading “Fearful? Not fearful? What’s the difference?”

Do THIS first….

Jesus knows as we live with others we will have trouble. We will encounter others with whom we disagree with and who disagree with us. We will have disputes and conflicts. We may feel we are right, but we have to be very careful about how we walk this out. As Jesus talks about heartContinue reading “Do THIS first….”

You ready?

Matthew records the calling of Peter and Andrew (Matt 4:18-20). Jesus tells them He will make them fishers of men and they immediately left their nets and followed Him. Going on from there, Jesus calls Zebedees sons, James and John, and they immediately left the boat and their father, and followed Jesus (Matt 4:21-22). TheyContinue reading “You ready?”

Societies who forsake righteousness are doomed. But there’s an even greater problem.

Jesus hears John the Baptist has been arrested and leaves Nazareth, to live in Capernaum (fulfilling yet more prophecy, see Matt 4:12-16). He then begins His earthly ministry with the word, “Repent.” “”And from then on Jesus began to preach, “Repent, because the kingdom of Heaven has come near.”” (Matt 4:17) Let’s understand this —hisContinue reading “Societies who forsake righteousness are doomed. But there’s an even greater problem.”

Our assessment of any situation is always, ever limited.

“Allow it for now” (Matt 3:15, CSB) John the Baptist was protesting when he was asked to baptize Jesus, then Jesus tells him to “allow if for now” so prophecy could be fulfilled. John obeyed.Jesus was baptized.And God was fulfilling His plan. We are to obey the Lord even when we don’t understand just howContinue reading “Our assessment of any situation is always, ever limited.”

Weak men who did great things…

Just how much of what I do in this day will last for eternity? (Matt 3:8-12) As repented believers we are to produce fruit. Good fruit. Eternal, lasting fruit in keeping with the great gift we have been given. It occurred to me that C.S. Lewis, Charles Spurgeon, Elisabeth Elliot, Corrie Ten Boom, Amy Carmichael,Continue reading “Weak men who did great things…”

Is this on your list this week?

It’s Monday morning, I’ve got a list for the week. I bet you do too. But my early morning study tells me I’m to bear fruits in keeping with repentance. (Matt 3:7-10). One day, we will all give an account for what we’ve done with the life we’ve been given by the blood-bought sacrifice ofContinue reading “Is this on your list this week?”

Evil will not win!

I see it. Evil seems to be winning all around us. It’s hard. I don’t understand it. But it’s not something new with our culture. Evil has been with us for a long time. Matthew 2 details the fulfillment of the prophecy of “Rachel weeping for her children” as Herod slaughters countless male babies underContinue reading “Evil will not win!”

Just do the next right thing…

Something I notice as I read Matthew 1 and 2 is that God didn’t give Joseph all the steps at once—just the next one. But all the while, God was accomplishing His perfect will and working in ways Joseph couldn’t see. Joseph didn’t know the wise men were on their way with gifts. But theyContinue reading “Just do the next right thing…”

When your MOOD SWINGS!

Have you ever had a mood swing? Have your emotions ever flip-flopped? Mine sure have! And Naomi seems to be able to relate as well! After Ruth meets Boaz, she goes home and tells Naomi all that has happened (see Ruth 2). Naomi says, “Blessed be the name of the LORD, who has not forsakenContinue reading “When your MOOD SWINGS!”

When your problems seem bigger than your faith…

There are THOSE moments when the stuff of this life simply sucks you dry. And you are a Christian. There are days where the problems scream, and everything in you has to fight to remember truth. There are days the battle seems great and the blessings feel, well, small. Real small. And stress, and worry,Continue reading “When your problems seem bigger than your faith…”

He is RISEN!! Go and tell!

The ground shook.The angel appeared.The stone rolled away.The soldiers fell like dead men.The grave empty.Death defeated!The Way Made!Victory complete. JESUS IS RISEN! “Blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed”. John 20:6 Oh, believer, you may not have seen the resurrection with your human eyes, but you know it is all true.Continue reading “He is RISEN!! Go and tell!”

Turn your eyes upon Jesus🎶

It’s Holy Week. Palm Sunday’s church songs are growing faint in our ears. Gas prices are said to skyrocket.A former President is indicted.A country music award show celebrates drag queens. We find ourselves frustrated, worried and distracted. But our hearts need Jesus just as much this Tuesday as we did Sunday. Honestly, in this messedContinue reading “Turn your eyes upon Jesus🎶”

Do you hear His words?

I wonder about that morning after the Triumphant entry, after Jesus had rode in on the donkey, after the crowd had cheered and waved palm branches…I wonder, did He look around at His disciples? I wonder, as the disciples still celebrated the over breakfast, did he wonder if they remembered what He had told themContinue reading “Do you hear His words?”

“Well, what if the dollar collapses?”

Our family had been talking about news story after news story, hard things, when one of us remarked,, “Well, what if the dollar collapses?” To which my son, Ben, said, “Well that might be a good thing as it would surely bring revival to this country as hard days often do.” And, honestly, I thoughtContinue reading ““Well, what if the dollar collapses?””

Peace, be still … for the storms tossing us to and fro!

I had woken up to a horrific storm. Wind howling. Sheets of rain. Booming thunder. The storm outside passed, but I couldn’t sleep. Another storm, the one affecting us all, the condition of our world, was on my mind. In Luke 8, Jesus is exhausted from his busy ministry. He tells his disciples to getContinue reading “Peace, be still … for the storms tossing us to and fro!”

When we don’t understand.

I sat crying yesterday as the news of the Nashville school shooting came, not just from my television, but from family and friends. My brother-in-law grew up with the dad of one of the little girls who was killed. My sister-in-law had gone to college with him when he started a ministry there. My husbandContinue reading “When we don’t understand.”