Walking Forward with God even after Wrestling

Even after seeing amazing grace and incredible faithfulness by God, I’ve turned right around, and allowed myself to be filled with fear, imagining God might not carry me through the next thing. Have you? Such is the case, as Jacob is warned by God to leave the land of his father-in-law, taking his wives andContinue reading “Walking Forward with God even after Wrestling”

Real hope even from a place of pain

My friend Beth wrote this and I asked her permission to share it on my page. It’s heartfelt truth in a time of horrendous pain. I think you’ll be encouraged as you read her words to remember where our hope is found— 4 weeks ago today, I hugged and kissed my husband for the lastContinue reading “Real hope even from a place of pain”

God is very involved in this world and your life.

I’ve been reading Genesis for several weeks. In light of all that is going on in our world, it is so important to understand the relevancy and reliability of Scripture. Old and New. As we study it, we begin to see both world history, and what the future holds, in a different light. In GenesisContinue reading “God is very involved in this world and your life.”

Happy Mother’s Day!

From my Momma Heart this Mother’s Day 🌺 Almost twenty-nine years ago a squirmy, wet, beautiful, little creature was laid upon my belly, crying, filling his lungs with air. My heart exploded with emotion because everything in me knew I had never loved another human being as much as I instantly loved this tiny one.Continue reading “Happy Mother’s Day!”

THIS always causes me to take notice…

Have you seen it? I sure have. Joy that makes ABSOLUTELY no earthly sense. It’s a high and holy thing.It’s supernatural.It always causes me to take notice…. As they travel toward the Promised Land, Sarah dies. (Genesis 23) Abraham purchases land to bury his wife (the only land he will actually end up owning). AndContinue reading “THIS always causes me to take notice…”

Has God ever seemed unfair?

Have you ever thought God might be unfair? Sometimes, even when we read Scripture, we may get this impression. Genesis 21 might be one of those passages …but hang on and check this out… After 25 years of waiting on the promise to be fulfilled, Sarah gives birth to Isaac. Then, Sarah gets upset (again)Continue reading “Has God ever seemed unfair?”

I don’t want to go through HARD days….

Jesus takes Peter, James and John up on a mountaintop to pray. And then this happens… “As He prayed, the appearance of His face was altered, and His robe became white and glistening. And behold, two men talked with Him, who were Moses and Elijah, who appeared in glory and spoke of His decease whichContinue reading “I don’t want to go through HARD days….”

One day every sad thing will become untrue

As Christian’s, there is something we have to do that is incredibly hard to do. We have to be okay with not understanding everything. I’ve talked with so many people, in just the past week, who are walking through incredibly hard things, or dealing with situations that just make no earthly sense. Something devastating hasContinue reading “One day every sad thing will become untrue”

Who is safe in these scary days?

Breaking news scrolls across the TV screen- Secretary of State, Tony Blinken, says there is credible evidence of war crimes in Ukraine. The White House is now said to be considering a ban on Russian oil imports. Putin has been threatening the use of nuclear weapons if backed into a corner. These are sad andContinue reading “Who is safe in these scary days?”

Do you want to see God past the cloudy vagueness?

Perhaps it’s because my first born set off with a very low budget, a backpack, and what I thought to be a strange desire to see Eastern Europe. He walked and rode buses. He talked to people. He stood in solemn places from the Holocaust. While I watch the news, and find my heart breakingContinue reading “Do you want to see God past the cloudy vagueness?”

Do you feel a sense of urgency in this scary world?

Do you feel a sense of urgency? For years I’ve hoped the words I’ve shared would draw others to love and trust Jesus more. I’ve put them out there, and I’ve prayed that those who don’t know Him, would somehow see Him in what He has led me to write and speak. But lately, I’veContinue reading “Do you feel a sense of urgency in this scary world?”

Hope for the Heartache

I had just finished posting my devotional yesterday, and was studying another passage, when an early morning message took my breath away. A mom, who loves Jesus, serves the Lord with her husband in ministry, and who had sat with me at ballgames as we watched our daughters cheer, messaged to let me know herContinue reading “Hope for the Heartache”

But what about when God asks you to do hard things?

But what about when God asks you to do hard things? Now the LORD had said to Abram:“Get out of your country,From your familyAnd from your father’s house,To a land that I will show you.I will make you a great nation;I will bless youAnd make your name great;And you shall be a blessing.I will blessContinue reading “But what about when God asks you to do hard things?”

Are you getting weary of this HARD world?

Is this evil world getting to you? Some days it can really be discouraging. Genesis 6:6, tells us, long ago, God saw the evil of man. He was sorry. He was grieved. But when God was lamenting that He had created mankind (Gen 6:5-8), Noah “found grace in the eyes of the Lord” in theContinue reading “Are you getting weary of this HARD world?”

You can’t be NEUTRAL in your faith.

You can’t be neutral in your faith. If it impacts you, you should want it to impact those you care about. John Piper went so far as to say, “If you don’t want people to believe what you believe about God, your views of Him are not functionally significant for you.” The fact is, ifContinue reading “You can’t be NEUTRAL in your faith.”

You aren’t the only one struggling to die to self.

It’s far from easy.It’s stinking hard. It’s a hard and holy thing to die to self.And you aren’t the only one struggling with it. For many, who walk with Jesus, it’s a slow thing as we learn little by little, year after year, to die to things that don’t really matter and hold on toContinue reading “You aren’t the only one struggling to die to self.”

For those in the BATTLE

I take notice when I hear their stories. The ones who have suffered and stayed. They endure the hard marriages, they care for the elderly parent, they patiently raise the child with special needs who will never leave home. They love the prodigal. They serve the homeless and pick up the broken and addicted. TheyContinue reading “For those in the BATTLE”

Have you celebrated THIS about Christmas?

So many, who so powerfully and effectively preach and teach the Word, actually have to live it while walking really hard roads. This seems inherently unfair. Couldn’t they be immune from problems and pain? Why do they get cancer, and rebellious kids, and unfaithful spouses? Why wouldn’t a Mighty God protect those who seek Him,Continue reading “Have you celebrated THIS about Christmas?”

I wonder if it was Christmas-time when they did what they did….

I think of this story every Christmas. I guess I wonder if it was Christmas-time when they did what they did. I am forever thankful. How I wish I knew their names. I’m sure they are walking the streets of glory now with the Savior, but I wonder if they know how very much theyContinue reading “I wonder if it was Christmas-time when they did what they did….”

This disagreement was affecting the entire church!

Well, there you go. Two women. Two women who couldn’t get along. How would you like your name being forever remembered for your disagreement? Clearly, this disagreement was affecting the entire church and word of it had traveled to Paul in prison. Paul has been passionately preaching truth. The words of his letter to theContinue reading “This disagreement was affecting the entire church!”