Moving past what you may think you can’t …

“And forgive us our debts as we also have forgiven our debtors”. (Matt 6:12, CSB) As we pray for the Lord to forgive our sins, we have to forgive those who have sinned against us. These things go hand in hand. And if we want to experience peace and freedom, if we want to prayContinue reading “Moving past what you may think you can’t …”

Peanut butter & jelly and a pink jacket.

“Give us today our daily bread.” (Matt 6:11) Just this one day, give me what I need for this one day. It’s a simple prayer about the daily things we need. Early theologians thought Christ surely meant this in the allegorical sense -as in “give us communion with You” and while we certainly need this,Continue reading “Peanut butter & jelly and a pink jacket.”

God can bring good in ways you’ve never even considered.

“Your kingdom come. Your will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven”. (Matt 6:10) And with those words, my prayers seem quite lacking. For so often, I’ve prayed for my will to be done without giving enough thought to if what I’m asking for is His will. Honestly, I’ve spent way too muchContinue reading “God can bring good in ways you’ve never even considered.”

Need peace and wisdom? Pray.

If you are a child of God, the sovereign God of the Universe, the Creator of Heaven and earth, the God who commands angels armies, and owns the cattle on a thousand hills, is your Father and most certainly hears your prayers. When Jesus taught His disciples how to pray, he began by using theContinue reading “Need peace and wisdom? Pray.”

When you pray…wow!

One of my sons met his girlfriend’s parents for the first time last week. I was joking with him, and said if the dad asks you your intentions for his daughter, you should say, “I plan to kiss her well and often!” 🤣 I was joking! But as I read about prayer…we really should endeavorContinue reading “When you pray…wow!”

Stop Praying Safe Momma Prayers!

Jesus is my everything. My satisfaction. I learned to walk in real relationship with Jesus in the midst of intense trial and tragedy in my life. It was through those hard days that God taught me to trust Him for all of my days and where He became my everything—more than enough for whatever lifeContinue reading “Stop Praying Safe Momma Prayers!”

Pray with me?

I woke up thinking about a conversation my brother, my son-in-law and I had about the great revival movements of God. We had resolved there is NOTHING that might keep God from doing it again. My brother then mentioned how the spark that started the greatest revivals in history had been that of LAY PEOPLEContinue reading “Pray with me?”

So, who do you NOT want to pray for today?

Paul had just talked of waging the good warfare, and continues in his first letter to exhort Timothy, first of all, to PRAY. (1 Tim 2:1). I thought about how this first letter to Timothy is doctrine that is meant to be applied to our every day lives. We are to always, first of all,Continue reading “So, who do you NOT want to pray for today?”

When The Battle Feels Hard

My daughter, Abi, wrote this a few years back. This truth is a powerful, keep-you-going reminder— I felt alone. Sad, disheartened, fighting back tears-very much like an alien and stranger though surrounded by others my age as I sat in my Contemporary Moral Issues Philosophy class, at the University of Tennessee, listening to my classmatesContinue reading “When The Battle Feels Hard”

Shelter ❤️

FrustratedDesperateConfusedPanickedAngryFearfulDoubtingWearyDiscouragedBroken-heartedTroubledImpatientFalsely-AccusedWorriedPersecutedBetrayedLonelySad Just a few of the emotions the writers of the Psalms had as they cried out to God. Why do we hold back? Why do we feel we must only come to God with “pretty prayers”? This is not Biblical. Running to God with our struggles and unkempt emotions is what God shows usContinue reading “Shelter ❤️”

Despite the world’s criticism-KEEP PRAYING!

We are all so very saddened by this world and the awful events of late. While Christians continue to pray, a lost and bitter world increasingly criticizes prayer. But we know God moves when His people pray. We know The Most High speaks. Daniel was praying fervently as the Lord, through Gabriel, explains the thingsContinue reading “Despite the world’s criticism-KEEP PRAYING!”

A Prayer for this Tuesday of Holy Week

It’s Holy Week. Palm Sunday’s church songs are growing faint in our ears. We find ourselves busy and distracted. But our busy, distracted hearts long to see Jesus. We long to behold the glory of the One who died for us. When I slow down and turn my eyes to Him, I stand in aweContinue reading “A Prayer for this Tuesday of Holy Week”

Remember WHO you’re talking to…

Many of us are concerned as we look at our world. I see people posting about praying who typically do not do such things. Hard times certainly cause us to look for help anywhere we can get it and to think about the fragility of life and eternity. And, many reason, “Heaven sounds like aContinue reading “Remember WHO you’re talking to…”

But what if you are STRUGGLING to believe God?

Noah lived 350 years after the flood and dies. His descendants are listed in Genesis 10. The earth population grows. At this point, all people spoke the same language and they decided to stay together and build a city and a tall tower in the plain of Shinar (Babylon). (Gen 11) But remember, God hadContinue reading “But what if you are STRUGGLING to believe God?”

He sees. So let’s rest. But how?

God sees.He knows.There’s rest to be had in this truth. But how? Paul tells Timothy, “ Some men’s sins are clearly evident, preceding them to judgment, but those of some men follow later. Likewise, the good works of some are clearly evident, and those that are otherwise cannot be hidden”.(1 Tim 5:24-25) Here’s the deal…Continue reading “He sees. So let’s rest. But how?”