Where are you men of courage?

Where are you men of courage? Can you not see the evil among us? Do you not see our citizens are being conditioned to no longer think for themselves? Do you not recognize the tremendous danger in this? Richard Wurmbrand describes such in his book “Tortured for Christ”— “Tears ran down my cheeks. I feltContinue reading “Where are you men of courage?”

We the People, better pay attention

It’s Constitution Day. This should matter to Christians. For this document was written with freedom in mind. And Christian, our freedoms to exercise our faith, and freely speak about our faith, have never been more in danger. Look around. Notice what is being done in the name of safety. These infringements on our rights shouldContinue reading “We the People, better pay attention”

Something is off in this country, do you sense it?

Something is off.Wrong.I feel it in my spirit. I look at our world, specifically at our country, and I see things happening at a pace I never thought possible. Do you see it too? Fewer and fewer people are thinking for themselves or even have the opportunity to do so. Instead, hidden minions, working behindContinue reading “Something is off in this country, do you sense it?”