All true, but what can we do?

Yesterday, I shared a concern about where we are heading. Many of you shared it and the question was raised, “but what can we do?” Let me preface this by saying, I do believe- This pandemic is serious and confusing. Some people are dying, while others only get the sniffles, if that, when infected. OurContinue reading “All true, but what can we do?”

Are We Too Far Gone?

My neck is hurting from shaking my head so much lately. I honestly can’t believe what I’m seeing in our country. Is there still a silent majority? And why, are they so silent if they are there at all? Are we too far gone? Should Christians still try to influence the public square? Are schoolContinue reading “Are We Too Far Gone?”

In all the confusion, remember this.

The truth is, we don’t know what to do. This virus has us all struggling. No one has found a solution, and many are divided in all the confusion. We look to the government for answers, and, well, they can’t seem to keep their story straight. Everyone is affected either directly or indirectly by thisContinue reading “In all the confusion, remember this.”

No one has seen God at anytime, however….

No one has seen God at any any time. (1 John 4:12). No one. God even instructed Moses to hide his face in the cleft of the rock, because God knew Moses could only handle a brief glimpse of the glory of the Lord passing by. (Ex 33:19-23) God is so absolutely HOLY that noContinue reading “No one has seen God at anytime, however….”


The ground shook with supernatural tremor. I wonder did the distraught, discouraged disciples suspect something when they felt it? The angels appeared. The mighty Roman soldiers fell like dead men. The stone was rolled away. The grave was empty.Death had been defeated.The Way was Made!Victory was complete. JESUS IS RISEN! Can you imagine the utterContinue reading “HE IS RISEN!”

Preach the Word! Don’t change the message!

These words were written to those who would seek to follow the Lord, those suffering for the faith, those not yet born, and those who would live in the End of Days. These were the last words of a dying saint who knew his time was short. Don’t miss this! Paul uses STRONG words whenContinue reading “Preach the Word! Don’t change the message!”

Holy Last Words of HOPE!

It’s easy to sit here on my couch, coffee in hand, read these words in Second Timothy from my pretty Bible, and miss the profound depth of them. These are hard-lived, holy last words from a dying brother who is full of strength and joy. It should cause us to pause. The world around PaulContinue reading “Holy Last Words of HOPE!”

He walked in on her with another man.

I sat our piping hot soup on the table last night and asked my man if there was anything new from the day. He rattled through some things and then says, “Oh yeah, pretty cool, I got to share with a guy at work how (his first wife) cheated on me. I told him IContinue reading “He walked in on her with another man.”

I couldn’t shake this.

I had planned on only doing Christmas posts. I’ll probably get back to that. But for days, I have kept stumbling across Jeremiah 23, like over and over. I’d flip open to it “accidentally “. My online Bible version just “happened” to be pulled up there. Finally, I took notice and sat down to readContinue reading “I couldn’t shake this.”

I’d like to just stay in my Christmas pajamas and not think about it too sometimes.

The Messiah sat surrounded by the Pharisees and teachers of the law. The crowd surrounded the place and pushed in. I wonder if the buttoned-up religious leaders had to dust off their shoulders as debris surely began to fall from the ceiling as the tiles in the ceiling were removed. Did Jesus chuckle to HimselfContinue reading “I’d like to just stay in my Christmas pajamas and not think about it too sometimes.”

I wonder if it was Christmas-time when they did what they did.

I think of this story every Christmas. I guess I wonder if it was Christmas-time when they did what they did. I am forever thankful. How I wish I knew their names. I’m sure they are walking the streets of glory now with the Savior, but I wonder if they know how very much theyContinue reading “I wonder if it was Christmas-time when they did what they did.”

Have you noticed this?

Right after Paul talks about the responsibility Christians have to speak truth from sound doctrine, he talks about his sin-filled past. (1 Tim 1:3-17) I think it was very intentional. Paul surely knew that as soon as we endeavor to share truth with others about the right way to live, the enemy will remind usContinue reading “Have you noticed this?”

Let’s don’t “love” others all the way to Hell.

Right off the bat, Paul’s first letter to Timothy reminds us that the Lord Jesus Christ is our HOPE! (1 Tim 1:1) And He is, you know. And the more we know Him through His Word, the more we will experience hope in our hardest of our moments. So let’s don’t approach 1st Timothy, toContinue reading “Let’s don’t “love” others all the way to Hell.”

Why are we still here?

Have you ever wondered why God doesn’t immediately take us to Heaven after we are saved? Well, I have. …(not so much on fun days like this one in the picture with my Ben, but on the harder days… I sure have). But, this I know and believe, God has good reason for everything HeContinue reading “Why are we still here?”

Know this…

The two disciples who had walked with the resurrected Jesus on the road to Emmaus, found the eleven (original disciples) gathered with other believers and exclaimed the Savior to be alive! (Luke 24:32-35) Then, while the two were still speaking, as John tells us in a “locked room” (John 20:19), Jesus appears standing in theContinue reading “Know this…”