God can bring good in ways you’ve never even considered.

“Your kingdom come. Your will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven”. (Matt 6:10) And with those words, my prayers seem quite lacking. For so often, I’ve prayed for my will to be done without giving enough thought to if what I’m asking for is His will. Honestly, I’ve spent way too muchContinue reading “God can bring good in ways you’ve never even considered.”

Fearful? Not fearful? What’s the difference?

It has to be strange, curious, and honestly, a little absurd, for those who do not fear the Lord, to watch those who do, deal with hard things. What those, who do not fear the Lord, or perhaps have only dabbled in a secular religion, do not understand, is that to fear God, more thanContinue reading “Fearful? Not fearful? What’s the difference?”

When your MOOD SWINGS!

Have you ever had a mood swing? Have your emotions ever flip-flopped? Mine sure have! And Naomi seems to be able to relate as well! After Ruth meets Boaz, she goes home and tells Naomi all that has happened (see Ruth 2). Naomi says, “Blessed be the name of the LORD, who has not forsakenContinue reading “When your MOOD SWINGS!”

Don’t let what someone did to you be more than what Jesus did FOR you.

Don’t let what someone did to you be more than what Jesus did for you. We will all be sinned against. None of us will escape this life unscathed. Some will be horrifically wounded by no fault of their own. I do not like it or understand it. However, I do know there are demonicContinue reading “Don’t let what someone did to you be more than what Jesus did FOR you.”

When your problems seem bigger than your faith…

There are THOSE moments when the stuff of this life simply sucks you dry. And you are a Christian. There are days where the problems scream, and everything in you has to fight to remember truth. There are days the battle seems great and the blessings feel, well, small. Real small. And stress, and worry,Continue reading “When your problems seem bigger than your faith…”

Don’t trust yourself

What then shall we say to these things? If God is for us, who can be against us? (Rom 8:31) God is for us, not against us. I recently heard a pastor say, “Don’t you think if God we’re out to get you, He would have gotten you by now?!” We laugh. We say weContinue reading “Don’t trust yourself”


Silence. That day after the Savior had died. The pounding of the nails, the jeers of the crowd, His cries of pain. Now Silent. His body in the tomb. What now? They surely longed to hear His comforting voice. But Silence. They had left jobs, families, everything to follow Him. Now what? Silence. Nothing.But.Silence. Confused,Continue reading “SILENCE”

Turn your eyes upon Jesus🎶

It’s Holy Week. Palm Sunday’s church songs are growing faint in our ears. Gas prices are said to skyrocket.A former President is indicted.A country music award show celebrates drag queens. We find ourselves frustrated, worried and distracted. But our hearts need Jesus just as much this Tuesday as we did Sunday. Honestly, in this messedContinue reading “Turn your eyes upon Jesus🎶”

Do you hear His words?

I wonder about that morning after the Triumphant entry, after Jesus had rode in on the donkey, after the crowd had cheered and waved palm branches…I wonder, did He look around at His disciples? I wonder, as the disciples still celebrated the over breakfast, did he wonder if they remembered what He had told themContinue reading “Do you hear His words?”

Peace, be still … for the storms tossing us to and fro!

I had woken up to a horrific storm. Wind howling. Sheets of rain. Booming thunder. The storm outside passed, but I couldn’t sleep. Another storm, the one affecting us all, the condition of our world, was on my mind. In Luke 8, Jesus is exhausted from his busy ministry. He tells his disciples to getContinue reading “Peace, be still … for the storms tossing us to and fro!”

How hard it is to be a believer today (especially a young one)

A few years ago I posted about my concern over the Super Bowl half time show and that post was shared a lot. Because the post was shared so much, people who wouldn’t typically see my page read what I had written. Most comments were supportive, but others were quite irate. I was called severalContinue reading “How hard it is to be a believer today (especially a young one)”

Even When We Don’t Understand

To watch someone suffer pain and hold on to God, knowing He could’ve stopped it, but chose not to, is truly a holy thing to witness. My words don’t seem worthy to even attempt to describe such. Yet, little has encouraged my faith as much as this story has. It’s one I’ve closely watched unfoldContinue reading “Even When We Don’t Understand”

But even now…

In John 11, her brother, Lazarus, had died and Martha sits mourning with friends and her sister, Mary. They are told Jesus is coming. Martha bursts out of the house and goes to meet Him. She ran to Jesus. Martha is absolutely devastated over her brother’s death, but she STILL ran to Jesus. She saysContinue reading “But even now…”

Hope, when you feel like you have none…

Just over a year ago, an early morning message took my breath away. A mom, who loves Jesus, serves the Lord with her husband in ministry, and who had sat with me at ballgames as we watched our daughters cheer, messaged to let me know her daughter was tragically killed the night before. Tears filledContinue reading “Hope, when you feel like you have none…”

Looking for the blessings. Power in gratitude.

Continue earnestly in prayer, being VIGILANT in it with THANKSGIVING (Col 4:2, emphasis mine). Being vigilant in prayer is tied to thanksgiving. I keep praying because I’m thankful for a God who answers prayers. A thankful heart inspires hope. Hope leads to prayer. And by thankful, I mean grateful. There’s such POWER in a gratefulContinue reading “Looking for the blessings. Power in gratitude.”

Because marriage is so good and so hard—

I’ve been posting about marriage the past couple of days. Wives submitting. Husbands loving. There’s been some emotion, and some strong opinions, to say the least. Because marriage is so GOOD and also so HARD, I’m sharing what God laid on my heart a while back— There absolutely will be the days your eyes meetContinue reading “Because marriage is so good and so hard—”

For Those in the Battle

But each of them will tell you their strength is not their own.  Human love would have walked away long ago. Jesus is the source of their strength and their love.  Daily they run to and place their hope in the One True King who will right all the wrongs, heal all the wounds andContinue reading “For Those in the Battle”

Have you felt like a broken Christian? Have you questioned God’s goodness?

Have you ever doubted God is real? And if He’s real, is He near? And if He’s near, is He good? Have you felt like a broken Christian as you questioned? I struggled about writing those sentences. I don’t want to cause anyone, who hasn’t questioned, to question. But, I know, for most Christians, thereContinue reading “Have you felt like a broken Christian? Have you questioned God’s goodness?”