What if Tomorrow Never Comes?

It’s 9/11.And we ought to all stop.And remember. Today, we should think about those who died —the heroes who ran in and those trapped, huddled in fear. It took five years to build the twin towers. It took 102 minutes from the first impact on the north tower for them both to fall. In 102Continue reading “What if Tomorrow Never Comes?”

How NOT to worry in these hard days

It’s dark outside. My house is quiet. I haven’t turned on the news yet, but I already had a “flash flood watch” pop up on my phone. But my anxious heart, it’s been on a sort of “watch” for days. …trouble seems to be looming around every corner—earthquakes, Hurricane Ida, CoVid, Afghanistan, inflation, division… IContinue reading “How NOT to worry in these hard days”

Trusting God in your Trouble

I snapped a picture as my daughter and I drove near Asheville a few years ago. I was traveling to speak nearby, and I wanted to show her where our family had lived when she and her brothers were little. How we had loved living there. As those glorious mountains spread out before us, treesContinue reading “Trusting God in your Trouble”

How do you hold on when life is so hard?

What do you do when you get the phone call , the diagnosis, the news you never saw coming? What then? Are you destined to continually be consumed by the trouble and pain and spiral further downward into a pit of despairing emotions? Can you experience peace in the here and now despite your veryContinue reading “How do you hold on when life is so hard?”

When Your Heart and Strength Fail.

Psalms 73:26 says, “My heart and my strength may fail but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever”. My strength and heart will fail,but Godnever will. And I know this to be true. These aren’t just words. I am not just hoping or wishing. Still, if I’m honest, a situation ofContinue reading “When Your Heart and Strength Fail.”

When we are strong, and when we are not, Jesus is there.

When our faith is strong, Jesus is there. When we fall apart, He is still there. Jesus has just finished teaching the famous parables about the blind leading the blind, and building our houses on the rock (Luke 6), and then walks into Capernaum. He is quickly met by Jewish elders requesting help for aContinue reading “When we are strong, and when we are not, Jesus is there.”

Don’t allow the enemy to use past wounds for future gains

I’m sharing this previous post again today just in case someone else, besides just me, needs it….❤️ What should have been a day of relaxing and laughing with friends while tubing on the Little River in the Smoky Mountains turned into a terrifying moment for me. I had floated that river for years. The sunContinue reading “Don’t allow the enemy to use past wounds for future gains”

To my fellow sojourner in this lost world

It was a small circle of women. Just a few. We had gathered to pray for revival in our country and our world. These were church women, ministry leaders, and pastors wives. The talk was light at first. Ballgames and bagels. But soon tears showed up as the conversation shifted to stories, one by one,Continue reading “To my fellow sojourner in this lost world”

“Just Call Me Bitter“

One thing about the Bible, it is real. Things aren’t sugar-coated. Even those God used mightily are shown to have flaws. They aren’t always strong, joyful, or without sin. (see David in the Psalms, Jeremiah in Lamentations, Peter in the Gospels). And the book of Ruth, isn’t all sunshine and love story either. When Naomi,Continue reading ““Just Call Me Bitter“”

Let’s study THE BOOK OF RUTH

I’m so excited to study the book of Ruth with you!! I think the backstory to this book is so incredibly interesting. Let’s set the stage…God’s people had been delivered from Egypt into the Promised Land which would flow with milk and honey as long as the people followed God. But, the people would followContinue reading “Let’s study THE BOOK OF RUTH”


Silence. That day after the Savior had died. The pounding of the nails, the jeers of the crowd, His cries of pain. Now Silent. His body in the tomb. What now? They surely longed to hear His comforting voice. But Silence. They had left jobs, families, everything to follow Him. Now what? Silence. Nothing.But.Silence. Confused,Continue reading “SILENCE”

Palm Sunday night…thoughts

That Palm Sunday night, after He rode in on the donkey, as the crowd cheered, I wonder did He look around at His disciples? Did He wonder if they remembered what He had told them? Were they so caught up in the celebration, in the moment, that they had forgotten His words? The , “LetContinue reading “Palm Sunday night…thoughts”

Yes, God will give you more than you can handle.

If you’re like most, your plate is full this week. You’re well aware of the problems in our country, and this world, and worry is camped right outside your door. You’ve got a list for your lists this Monday morning and your not even sure if you’ve got time to read this post. 😉 Here’sContinue reading “Yes, God will give you more than you can handle.”

The Thing Is People Don’t Die for a Lie

If we only study the Bible for intellectual knowledge, or to check off some box, we are missing the point. If we think doing what God says will lead to an easy life, we will be disappointed. Those who have followed Jesus the closest have died martyr’s deaths. They could have recanted their testimonies, theyContinue reading “The Thing Is People Don’t Die for a Lie”

I wonder was it a forbidden love or….

I don’t want to ever forget they were real people. They felt emotion, they worried, they hurt, they rejoiced, they fell in love. Timothy’s parents were real people. I wonder was it a forbidden love? Or was she forced to marry him? Just how did Eunice, a devout Jew, find herself married to a Greek?Continue reading “I wonder was it a forbidden love or….”

As Wrong is called Right—Here’s some HOPE!

Paul loved Timothy like a son and wanted him to be prepared to walk this life without his faithful guidance as he knew he would soon be executed. Paul knew Timothy would receive the letter with sorrow, yet he longed to fill his young friend with hope. Real hope. In this hard moment, Paul setsContinue reading “As Wrong is called Right—Here’s some HOPE!”

Does your heart need a reset to hope this Monday morning?

The Apostle Paul is writing to Timothy about how the church should conduct itself, but his words in 5:6 cause me to pause. “But she who lives in pleasure is dead while she lives.” (1 Tim 5:6) She who lives for herself and her own pleasure is dead. Dead.Empty.Never satisfied. Living for ourselves, will neverContinue reading “Does your heart need a reset to hope this Monday morning?”

This Work leads to Hope

The Apostle Paul is practical. Straightforward. He doesn’t mince words. In his letter to Timothy, he gives detailed qualifications for church leaders. For the church to be healthy, it’s leaders need to live lives marked by high standards. Truly, we all do. These traits are not talents, giftedness or what you’d likely see on aContinue reading “This Work leads to Hope”