There at the small church…

I’ve learned to keep my eye out for a steeple. It often peeks above a hill as I turn the corner and finally see the small church. Oh, the Lord has had me share in some big churches with parking lots like theme parks, but mostly it’s been the small churches where I’ve found myselfContinue reading “There at the small church…”

Jesus is Risen!

The ground shook.The angel appeared.The stone rolled away.The soldiers fell like dead men.The grave empty.Death defeated!The Way Made!Victory complete. JESUS IS RISEN! “Blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed”. John 20:6 Oh, believer, you may not have seen the resurrection with your human eyes, but you know it is all true.Continue reading “Jesus is Risen!”

You can’t be NEUTRAL in your faith.

You can’t be neutral in your faith. If it impacts you, you should want it to impact those you care about. John Piper went so far as to say, “If you don’t want people to believe what you believe about God, your views of Him are not functionally significant for you.” The fact is, ifContinue reading “You can’t be NEUTRAL in your faith.”

What if our quest for happiness will never satisfy us like THIS will?

I sat with a group of women the other night, and listened as a young mother described how “happy” she was that she has her young children in daycare 5 days a week from 8am – 5 pm. She has more time for herself and her husband. An older woman, a church-going, serve-the-community, woman lookedContinue reading “What if our quest for happiness will never satisfy us like THIS will?”

Blessed to be the Coach’s daughter

My brother and I had the great honor of accepting a character award for my father at the Oak Ridge football game last night. My dad and his little brother had been football phenomenons there, going on to both play college ball and coach. I was always proud to mention my maiden name was “Pope”Continue reading “Blessed to be the Coach’s daughter”

Love, but love with eternal purpose

We are to love others, but we aren’t called to willy-nilly love everything about everyone and everything they do. We aren’t called to love the SIN of others, nor simply ignore it and act like it never exists. As I turn again to Philippians, Paul prayed for those reading his words (that’s us), for ourContinue reading “Love, but love with eternal purpose”

Are we approaching the End of Days with a missing America?

It’s easy to shake our head at all that is going on with our country. Honestly, I wonder if we are about to lose this great nation. Are we approaching the End of Days where America seems to be missing, or at least, irrelevant? How long will God have mercy on us? How long willContinue reading “Are we approaching the End of Days with a missing America?”

May THIS never be said of me!

John has been talking about antichrists and testing everything and then, says, “Beloved, let us love one another for love is of God.” (1 John 4:7) It’s as if he is saying, regardless of all the other stuff, you still, absolutely, got to, always, no matter what, love one another because “everyone who loves isContinue reading “May THIS never be said of me!”

We shouldn’t be shocked when the world hates us as Christians, but….

John has explained the difference between those who are children of God and those who are not, and goes into great detail about the practice of righteousness and the practice of sin (see 1 John 3:4-10 and yesterday’s post about this). BUT THEN, John, inspired by God, adds a short, but tremendously important, phrase “norContinue reading “We shouldn’t be shocked when the world hates us as Christians, but….”

Do you ever feel like you do more than your fair share?

It had been one of those days. I had worked and worked and felt like others weren’t doing their share. I had been playing the pity party music in my head for quite some time when my mom mentioned that my daddy’s feet were hurting him again. She explained that every morning she washes hisContinue reading “Do you ever feel like you do more than your fair share?”

Ancient Words to Heed Today.

Naomi had lost so much in Moab (see yesterday’s introduction to the book of Ruth). She heard the Lord was blessing His children in the Promised Land again and decides to return home. She encourages her Moabite daughter-in-laws to return to their people in hopes they could find “rest” (likely remarry as they were bothContinue reading “Ancient Words to Heed Today.”

Church Basements

They are holy places.Church basements. As I walked down the stairs, my shoes clicked on the cold concrete floors, and I ran my fingers on the familiar painted concrete block walls. This wasn’t the church I had grown up in, but it sure reminded me of, when as a child, I had clicked my patentContinue reading “Church Basements”

Ever had trouble with another person?

Having trouble with a fellow believer? No… surely not! The thing is, it’s pretty common. But the truth is, we are called to serve others and respect them. Always. When Paul wrote his letter to Timothy, Christians owned other Christians (can you imagine?) Yet Paul encouraged them, that if they were a slave to aContinue reading “Ever had trouble with another person?”

Those OTHER people

Dealing with people has always been hard. In fact, someone I know, jokes that “ministry would be great if it didn’t involve people.” Except, if we’ve lived anywhere, except maybe in a bubble, we know this isn’t entirely a joke! Paul gets into the nitty gritty of dealing with people in the church. He wantsContinue reading “Those OTHER people”

This is really hard… can I be honest?

Can I be honest? Sometimes, Christmas-time is often one of the hardest times to be Christ-like and joy-filled. Add in wedding stress (we are having a wedding in less than a week!) and you’ve got some joy-stealing opportunities galore! These circumstances can cause situations with family, and others, with whom we may be the recipientsContinue reading “This is really hard… can I be honest?”

Want to start a commune?

He’s talked about sex, and he is about to talk about the end times, but sandwiched between those areas, Paul gives instruction not to be missed. Paul urges the believers to live a life that is characterized by an increasing love for others, a steady, quiet calm, and hard work. (I Thess 4:9-12). There isContinue reading “Want to start a commune?”

What if we actually did this?

We humans exalt those on a stage. Jesus exalts those who serve. The servant-hearted Savior was patient with His disciples as they argued over who would be the greatest in Kingdom of Heaven. (Luke 22:24-30). For years, He had been living the answer right in front of them as He selflessly served others. And weContinue reading “What if we actually did this?”