Need peace and wisdom? Pray.

If you are a child of God, the sovereign God of the Universe, the Creator of Heaven and earth, the God who commands angels armies, and owns the cattle on a thousand hills, is your Father and most certainly hears your prayers.

When Jesus taught His disciples how to pray, he began by using the word “Father”.

“Our Father in Heaven” (Matt 6:9)

Let’s remember, again today, we are talking to our Father when we pray!

He’s not some aloof God, but so very close that He numbers every hair on our heads (Luke 12:7), and He goes before us in every day we will ever live (Deut 31:8).

We can find comfort in this.

We can also find comfort in the fact that He is in Heaven and His Name is “hallowed” (or holy). (Matt 6:9)

Because He is holy and perfect, His thoughts towards us are all good. He sees all and knows all, so as we pray to Him we know His answers are perfect.

And, we can ask in the confidence that, even if we ask wrongly, His response is always right. (Someone say, “hallelujah!)

But we are to ask. God tells us to pray without ceasing (1 Thess 5:17).

We do this, not to inform God, but so we gain the peace and wisdom that comes from acknowledging Him in all our ways.

As we pray to our Father, we remember, He loves us and is at work in a thousand million ways we cannot see.

As we cast our cares on Him, we remember, there is nothing too hard for Him and we find rest there.

As we see Him answer our prayers, and sometimes even with a “no”, we begin to understand we really can trust Him more than we trust us. And that is no small thing!

Oh, the Lord is good. What He does is good. And as His children, we are so very blessed.

Aren’t you thankful for the gift of prayer?! Oh, let’s pray and praise Him!



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