When you love a lost sheep…

It’s easy to feel forgotten. It’s easy to think God does not care about what our weary worn hearts care about. But He does. He cares about the one.The each one.The lost onesand the messed-up ones. In Luke 15, Jesus was eating with sinners and the religious leaders are shocked. Jesus then tells the famousContinue reading “When you love a lost sheep…”

What if he said this?

“Brood of Vipers” …can you imagine being called that? Imagine the preacher walking up to the podium, looking the congregation square in the eye and saying, “Brood of vipers! Who warned you to flee from the wrath to come? Therefore bear fruits worthy of repentance, and do not begin to say to yourselves, ‘We haveContinue reading “What if he said this?”

Freedom from Dying

Matthew chapter 3 opens with the radical locust and wild honey-eating, camel hair clothed, John the Baptist preaching in the wilderness, and exclaiming- “Repent, for the kingdom of Heaven is at hand!” (Matt 3:2) Repent. Oh, that’s a word we seldom hear. Go ahead, tweet it or post it. I bet you won’t get tooContinue reading “Freedom from Dying”

He is RISEN!! Go and tell!

The ground shook.The angel appeared.The stone rolled away.The soldiers fell like dead men.The grave empty.Death defeated!The Way Made!Victory complete. JESUS IS RISEN! “Blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed”. John 20:6 Oh, believer, you may not have seen the resurrection with your human eyes, but you know it is all true.Continue reading “He is RISEN!! Go and tell!”

The Question No One Can Answer For You

As the religious leaders and the crowd cheered for His crucifixion, Jesus was brought before Pilate, who finding no fault in Him, asked the question we all ultimately must ask ourselves— “What then shall I do with this Jesus who is called Christ?” Matt 27:22 The question is meant to be personal. No one couldContinue reading “The Question No One Can Answer For You”

The Two Beside Him

Those two criminals.Bleeding.Bruised.Guilty. In the Savior’s final moments, one criminal hung on each side of Him. Those two represent all of us. We are each likeoneor the otherof them. It’s no accident, this true picture. There they were.So close to Jesus.Can you imagine? They both knew who He was.But only one of them would beContinue reading “The Two Beside Him”

Maundy Thursday

Thursday. The day before Jesus would die. The precious Messiah bends down to wash His disciple’s feet then takes the bread and the cup of Passover with the men in the upper room… knowing, full well, He would soon be their perfect Lamb. The Lamb. The Perfect Lamb… soon it would be His blood spillingContinue reading “Maundy Thursday”

Waiting Wednesday

Silent Wednesday. It’s what some scholars call this day of Holy Week. Jesus had spent Tuesday preaching and warning, being aggressively challenged by the religious leaders and watching his friend Judas slip away to make a deal to betray him. But then there is Wednesday. Silent Wednesday. Waiting Wednesday. Jesus knew what was coming. MaryContinue reading “Waiting Wednesday”

“Well, what if the dollar collapses?”

Our family had been talking about news story after news story, hard things, when one of us remarked,, “Well, what if the dollar collapses?” To which my son, Ben, said, “Well that might be a good thing as it would surely bring revival to this country as hard days often do.” And, honestly, I thoughtContinue reading ““Well, what if the dollar collapses?””

What salvation is, and what it isn’t…

I can’t shake the urgency I feel to be as clear as possible, right now, about what salvation is and what it is not. I think about Simon the Sorcerer in Acts chapter 8. When I first studied the passage it confused me for a bit. I read first in my ESV then grabbed myContinue reading “What salvation is, and what it isn’t…”

Even When We Don’t Understand

To watch someone suffer pain and hold on to God, knowing He could’ve stopped it, but chose not to, is truly a holy thing to witness. My words don’t seem worthy to even attempt to describe such. Yet, little has encouraged my faith as much as this story has. It’s one I’ve closely watched unfoldContinue reading “Even When We Don’t Understand”

Are some too far gone for revival?

There’s a lot of talk about revival in our country. But, have you ever wondered if some are just too far gone? Perhaps, you have even wondered that about yourself. But the thing is, not being to earn it, is pretty much the whole point of the gospel. God makes this clear when Jesus calledContinue reading “Are some too far gone for revival?”

What is TRUTH?

“What is truth?” Is this life all there is? Am I in control? Pilate surely wondered. The words of the one they had brought before him shook Pilate to his core. “My kingdom is not of this world.” (John 18:36). Pilate’s kingdom was all about this world.It always had been. Much like many of us.Continue reading “What is TRUTH?”

Why keep talking about what is so scorned by this world?

It seems some have become upset by the biblically based truth I’ve posted on this page. For years, I’ve merely studied the Bible and written what I’ve learned. I’ve received threatening private messages, unkind comments, page restrictions, and more. Many have especially not liked what I have written on marriage, abortion, homosexuality etc. It’s notContinue reading “Why keep talking about what is so scorned by this world?”

Peace. What’s it really?

Jesus is our peace. It’s sounds like such a calm, relaxing, silent night, kind of word. But to better understand we need to think of peace as in terms of war …war and peace. The Bible says, we were God’s enemies. (Rom 5:10) Not just lost or confused or mistaken. We were hostile to God.Continue reading “Peace. What’s it really?”

It’s no small thing who God chose to use in His Supernatural Rescue Proclamation!

The Shepherds. They were the ones not invited to the party. But they were invited to be eyewitnesses to the greatest moment of all. The ones who had dirty hands, the tattered, smelly shepherds—too unclean to worship at the temple…were specifically chosen to come and see the Lamb who would make them forever clean. ForeverContinue reading “It’s no small thing who God chose to use in His Supernatural Rescue Proclamation!”

She did mention she had only ever lost two bar fights…

She was a drug dealer. So, how could we have possibly imagined what happened? Everyone in her small town knew just how bad she had wrecked her life. She had even lost her kids. Many, probably thought her addictions too strong, and that she was a lost cause. TooFarGone But as she walked about town,Continue reading “She did mention she had only ever lost two bar fights…”

If tomorrow never comes…

It’s 9/11.And we ought to all stop.And remember. Today, we should think about those who died —the heroes who ran in and those trapped, huddled in fear. It took five years to build the twin towers. It took 102 minutes from the first impact on the north tower for them both to fall. In 102Continue reading “If tomorrow never comes…”

You Can Run Back

Desperate. They find the tomb empty.. Suddenly angels appear and remind the women of the words Jesus had said about his death and resurrection. The women run to tell the eleven, but the disciples didn’t believe them. But Peter. Peter rose and ran to the tomb. (Luke 24) Why Peter? We know from other partsContinue reading “You Can Run Back”

Sometimes I am called judgmental

I write and talk a lot about following Jesus. His ways aren’t always popular with our world (especially lately 😳). And sometimes I get called judgmental… It’s honestly surprising to me. I guess I’ve always assumed those who are called judgmental would be those who feel superior and believe they, themselves, have done nothing wrong.Continue reading “Sometimes I am called judgmental”