The Thing Is People Don’t Die for a Lie

If we only study the Bible for intellectual knowledge, or to check off some box, we are missing the point. If we think doing what God says will lead to an easy life, we will be disappointed. Those who have followed Jesus the closest have died martyr’s deaths. They could have recanted their testimonies, theyContinue reading “The Thing Is People Don’t Die for a Lie”

Do you know who you believe?

There will come a point, and it probably has already, when you have to ask yourself who do you believe? Maybe you ask yourself this a lot lately- Do you believe the world or God? If ever we’ve needed to resolve to be resolved about this question, it is now! The world’s truth and God’sContinue reading “Do you know who you believe?”

No matter the season

This is a guest post from my daughter, Abi, originally written two years ago. Her desire back then for a “new season” included the desire for a boyfriend. She just got married two weeks ago. However, the truths in this post are timeless and will carry her (and us) through many longings and struggles. Lately,Continue reading “No matter the season”

Just what you need when you need it.

I literally woke up this morning to these lyrics playing in my head,” I lift my hands to believe again You are my refuge, You are my strength. As I pour out my heart, these things I remember. You are faithful, God, forever.” (Chris Tomlin, I l Lift My Hands) Then, I thought about Daniel.Continue reading “Just what you need when you need it.”

I want to be on the other side

I want to be on the other side. You know the other side of the current problem impacting my life. I want to feel the rejoicing that comes AFTER the pain and worry have subsided. I know what that is like. I’ve seen God be faithful before. But right now.I’m in the “not yet”. I’mContinue reading “I want to be on the other side”

We are a people desperate to be reminded of the hope we have

We are a people desperate to be reminded of the hope we have. Our flesh forgets. Our souls become downcast. Our eyes forget to look beyond the here and now. We struggle to remember God can make a way when our limited imaginations can’t fathom any possible way. And we, who possess eternal hope, spiralContinue reading “We are a people desperate to be reminded of the hope we have”

For those wrestling to understand

I wrote this before and I need to remember again…. Jacob wrestled with God. That’s too much for my mind to even conceive. Except, I’m wrestling. Not in the physical sense; but certainly, in that, I’m trying to understand what God is doing through some exhaustingly hard things in my life. I know it’s trueContinue reading “For those wrestling to understand”

Nothing is too hard for God—including same-sex attraction.

Many, in our culture, pick and choose the parts of the Bible they like, they argue certain things “no longer apply”, and apply that to all sorts of things to argue some things that God calls “sin” in the Bible is not really “sin”. They say things like “my god wouldn’t….”, but we have toContinue reading “Nothing is too hard for God—including same-sex attraction.”