God can bring good in ways you’ve never even considered.

“Your kingdom come. Your will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven”. (Matt 6:10)

And with those words, my prayers seem quite lacking. For so often, I’ve prayed for my will to be done without giving enough thought to if what I’m asking for is His will.

Honestly, I’ve spent way too much time informing the God of the universe about the issues I see, and offering up my best solutions for Him to produce, without asking first and foremost, for His kingdom to come and His (better) will to be done.

And the curious thing is, God doesn’t need me to request that He do His will on Earth as it is in Heaven. It’s not that He needs my request or permission. So why would Jesus give us this example in His instruction on prayer?

Perhaps because, when our hearts are tuned to the Kingdom, our prayers can soar above the temporary and be free to hope on the eternal.

And that perspective, brings peace.

Oh, it doesn’t make the hard things of this life easy, but it does strengthen us to endure with the full assurance God can bring good in ways we often never considered.

His ways are not our ways. They are higher. God tells us this in Isaiah 55:8-9. God has the higher, better, all knowing vantage point.

And He also sees the beginning from the end. He understands what we do not. He sees what we can’t. And, on top of all that, He is all good.

So as we pray, let’s lay our requests at His feet, but let’s trust His answers are always from His best, better, and all-knowing goodness.

Let’s hold on knowing He is at work. His plans are for our good. Let’s trust that one day He will wipe every tear away. One day His Kingdom will come! Oh, what a day of rejoicing that will be!





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