Don’t stop praying now!

I’m celebrating the decision to overturn Roe v Wade but we must not stop praying!

The evil one will not give up ground he has occupied for so long. He has come tosteal, kill and destroy. And he will turn up the guns in the coming days in this nation.

We, who know the One who has come to give life abundantly, must be prepared to speak truth in love to those who have been deceived… and we must be wise.

Among us are those who are devastated because they believe they cannot find happiness if they are prevented access to the taking of another life.

But the same Savior who died for you and I died for these who are captives to this great lie and will take to our streets to voice their anger.

Let’s ask the Lord to help us love them. Let’s pray for them. Let’s ask God to bring revival.

But let’s also understand demonic forces are at work. We will also see them raise their ugly heads.

Let’s pray for protection of our Supreme Court Justices, Crisis Pregnancy Centers and our churches.

Let’s ask the Lord to supernaturally strengthen those who serve in state governments to stand for life.

Let’s truly keep coming alongside and love those in crisis pregnancies. Let’s support adoptive families with our time and finances.

Let’s continue to love the hurting and the lost so that a world walking in darkness will be drawn to the light in us.

These are hard days. They may get harder. But victory belongs to the Lord.

Will you pray?

2 thoughts on “Don’t stop praying now!

  1. Praise the Lord! Hope all is well with y’all. I’m getting settled in.. still a room full of boxes that I’ll go thru “ someday” B&J bought a beautiful new home only 6 blocks away and girls love to be able to visit their old house. Lots of Larry memories here. ❤️ We’ve been enjoying sleepovers so B&J can take advantage of some short getaways. Tonight we’re having a birthday day party for my stuffed animals! 😁 Think of you often and still plan to get back to see everyone.. been flying to Iowa every other month to visit my 93 year old dad… with airfare prices right now that’s about all the traveling I can afford! Blessings, June

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    1. Oh friend! We miss you. I’m so thankful for you being near the girls! What a sweet blessing for all of you. Sending hugs. Miss you! And still smile when we think of Larry.


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