Has THIS ever happened to you? And some math

One Sunday morning, my son texted me a verse to pray for him over the next while. Later that morning, I flipped my verse calendar to Sunday’s verse.

It’s was the exact same verse!
It was the SAME VERSE!

I immediately asked my son if he had seen my verse calendar before asking me to pray for him. He had not.

Has this ever happened to you?

Perhaps, you’ve read a verse in your quiet time and then heard the same verse on Christian radio that day?

So… what do you think is the probability of coming across one verse like this twice??

Well, depending on how you do the probability calculations based on the number of verses in the Bible – that probability is conservatively—

.0001 chance if we just consider New Testament verses

.00003 chance if we consider all verses in the Bible

.00000002 chance if we consider those events as two independent events!

(see math below)

The big point is: God is real and wants to make His amazing presence known in our lives! (IN YOUR LIFE!)

Sometimes, like that Sunday morning, He is loud!

Sometimes, it comes as we daily sit down and listen to Him …as we pray and read our Bibles.

The question is: Are you seeing Him in your life? Are you too quickly attributing things to coincidence?

To be sure, God is actively involved in your day. He is all around you. He wants to comfort you and guide you.

One thing I do often is to pray for Him to give me eyes and ears to see and hear Him. I believe He delights to answer this prayer.

Just look at those chances again! Don’t tell me there is no God!! And don’t miss His hand in your life….

…God, help us see You in this day… and thank You for getting our attention in this busy, distracted world where we often miss You ❤️🙏🎄

So here is the math for those of you who like these things—

There are 31,102 verses in Bible. 1 in 31,102

1/31102 = .00003125

Perhaps, we are more likely to come in contact with New Testament verses:

There are 7,957 verses in the New Testament. 1 in 7,957

1/7957 = .00012568

These chances could be even more rare if we considered the verses as two separate events (My son texted the verse to me (event 1) and flip calendar had the same verse for Sunday’s date, Feb 4th (event 2)

The likelihood of coming upon the same verse twice from two independent sources (two events)–if only considering the number of New Testament verses is:

1/7957 X 1/7957 =.00000002 (1 in 63,313,849)


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One thought on “Has THIS ever happened to you? And some math

  1. First of all, you had me at math! And yes, I love when this happens. I have a close friend, who called me this week to share a verse she was reading that morning, and it was the same verse I was reading that morning! I love God’s math, every, single, time!

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