Remember there’s a battle you can’t see, and PRAY!

I couldn’t sleep. I woke up early thinking about this world (and, to be honest, my own little world). I was reminded of my study of Daniel about a year ago— Daniel is praying fervently as the Lord, through Gabriel, explains the things which are to come— the destruction of Jerusalem, the coming of theContinue reading “Remember there’s a battle you can’t see, and PRAY!”

Our tears don’t mean we are faithless.

I posted this on this day last year. It seems so fitting in this day. So thankful God is okay with our tears—- I find myself in Daniel 7 and 8. And it’s hard to read. I slow down. I back up. I pull out commentaries. I see that many great theologians, like John CalvinContinue reading “Our tears don’t mean we are faithless.”

When they call you names

Yesterday, a young, full of himself and this world person, called me “”Karen” after I shared something he didn’t like. While he meant it in a derogatory way, I smiled because one of the most godly women I have ever known was named “Karen”. She is with Jesus now, and she was my friend andContinue reading “When they call you names”

The End. When?

The book of Daniel ends with the description of a great battle (The Battle of Armageddon), graves being emptied, dead men walking, and the great angel, Michael, defending Israel. God’s people are delivered-“every one who is found written in the book” (Dan 12:1) …. but for others, there is shame and everlasting contempt. Daniel says,Continue reading “The End. When?”

Prophetic Marker of the End Times that many are looking for…

If you are intrigued by history, arranged marriages, love triangles, murderous plots, power grabs and the rise and fall of kingdoms at the hands of manipulative queens, Daniel 11 should be intriguing to you as well. (For incredible details on the fall of the Greek Empire and its’ corresponding predictions by Daniel, visit the EnduringContinue reading “Prophetic Marker of the End Times that many are looking for…”

A Battle in the heavens

Daniel is praying fervently as the Lord, through Gabriel, explains the things which are to come— the destruction of Jerusalem, the coming of the Messiah, the disobedience of His people, the abomination of desolation, the AntiChrist.(Dan 9) In chapter ten, Daniel, now about 84 years old, has been mourning and praying. As he stands byContinue reading “A Battle in the heavens”

Pray and PRAY some more!

Daniel was confessing his sin, the sin of the people and earnestly PRAYING when the angel, Gabriel, comes swiftly flying in to give Daniel the skill to understand the prophetic visions. (Dan 9:20-23) Daniel had seen visions of what God would do, yet Daniel still prayed. Does that not seem curious? Sometimes, I’m tempted toContinue reading “Pray and PRAY some more!”

Let’s take a pause…

As I study the prophecy of Daniel, I’m reminded that the great theologian, John Calvin, said Martin Luther is “indulging his thoughts too freely” when referring to the AntiChrist in Daniel. And I’m sitting here, thinking why did I pick Daniel to study and share? I don’t want to indulge my thoughts too freely. DanielContinue reading “Let’s take a pause…”

Concerned? Do this for some peace…

Daniel has become literally sick over what God has shown him will happen to God’s people as a result of their unfaithfulness. But Daniel gets up and goes about his work (Dan 8:27). He studies Scripture, specifically the book of Jeremiah (Dan 9:2); and he fasts, and he prays. But, before we race ahead, let’sContinue reading “Concerned? Do this for some peace…”

I took this picture

As I often do, when I look at a beautiful sunset, I wonder what the sky will look like when Jesus comes “in the clouds” (Dan 7:13) I’m drawn to the details of prophecy. Are you? In Daniel chapter seven, Daniel recounts a vision he had back during Belshazzar’s reign. It is prophetic in natureContinue reading “I took this picture”

What would you do?

What would you do?What would you choose?Could you stand strong? It’s famous. We know the story. And we are tempted to breeze right through it. But slow down… This dilemma, (listen, that we may all face sooner, rather than later, the way our world is headed), is sobering and makes for far greater than aContinue reading “What would you do?”

The Writing is on the Wall…and Hell is real

A new king assumes the throne. Belshazzar holds a great feast for thousands and many drink from the vessels taken from the temple of God. (Dan 5) As they drank, they worshipped the gods of gold, silver, bronze, iron, wood and stone. (If plastic would have been around, surely, they would have worshipped the plasticContinue reading “The Writing is on the Wall…and Hell is real”

It may not feel like it, but THE MOST HIGH rules!

It may not seem like it. You may not feel like it. You may be resisting it with all your might. But the truth is, THE MOST HIGH rules!! Long ago, King Nebuchadnezzar told Daniel the words he had heard in his dream about what God would do. (Dan 4:10-18) In the vision, the holyContinue reading “It may not feel like it, but THE MOST HIGH rules!”

The hero arrives on the scene

We all love the moment the hero arrives on the scene. And this is the true story of one such moment. Daniel’s three friends have refused to worship the king’s false god and this enraged him. He has a fiery furnace heated seven times hotter than normal. The three friends are bound and thrown intoContinue reading “The hero arrives on the scene”

Things may look hard-but hold on…..

We are about to come to some of my most cherished words of Scripture. These words are both inspiring and incredibly challenging. Honestly, they are flat-out hard. Nebuchadnezzar has gone from praising the God of Daniel to building a giant golden image and demanding everyone fall to the ground and worship it when they hearContinue reading “Things may look hard-but hold on…..”

“My god” always agrees with me

Daniel supernaturally described Nebuchadnezzar‘s dream down to the toes of the image Nebuchadnezzar had seen, and then Daniel interprets all that the dream meant. He tells Nebuchadnezzar that the dream and its meaning had been revealed to him by God. (Daniel 2:27-49) Before we talk about the dream itself, let’s think about Nebuchadnezzar’s reaction. NebuchadnezzarContinue reading ““My god” always agrees with me”