Mary’s Song of Praise

My mother’s heart is full this morning after my daughter’s wedding this weekend (there are a few pics on my page). This morning, I thought about another mother’s heart. Mary. Mary, the teenage mother of Jesus. She came from such humble means. The poor pregnant virgin, had heard the words of the angel, and respondedContinue reading “Mary’s Song of Praise”

Oh my heart …and a Christmas wedding!

I burst into tears at the sight of my daughter’s messy room. Clothes were everywhere as she had been packing for her honeymoon. Her honeymoon! I realized she would soon clean up her room for the last time. And the tears about choked me. I thought back to a few years ago, when one ofContinue reading “Oh my heart …and a Christmas wedding!”

I’d like to just stay in my Christmas pajamas and not think about it too sometimes.

The Messiah sat surrounded by the Pharisees and teachers of the law. The crowd surrounded the place and pushed in. I wonder if the buttoned-up religious leaders had to dust off their shoulders as debris surely began to fall from the ceiling as the tiles in the ceiling were removed. Did Jesus chuckle to HimselfContinue reading “I’d like to just stay in my Christmas pajamas and not think about it too sometimes.”

No longer just words on a page…

I sit thinking of friend after friend.Story after story.Every one of them.Not one of them came another way. Those I know well, who love God so deeply, whose trust is rock-solid, who possess the sweetest peace and unshakable hope…they each have this in common—they came the way of suffering. I bet you know them too.Continue reading “No longer just words on a page…”

This is really hard… can I be honest?

Can I be honest? Sometimes, Christmas-time is often one of the hardest times to be Christ-like and joy-filled. Add in wedding stress (we are having a wedding in less than a week!) and you’ve got some joy-stealing opportunities galore! These circumstances can cause situations with family, and others, with whom we may be the recipientsContinue reading “This is really hard… can I be honest?”

Is God really with us?

Our hearts were made to long for God to be with us. Perhaps, that’s why even unbelievers find themselves drawn to the wonders of Christmas-time. But this world has a way of telling us all that God is not with us. The evil one tries to convince us He doesn’t exist or just doesn’t care.Continue reading “Is God really with us?”

I wonder if it was Christmas-time when they did what they did.

I think of this story every Christmas. I guess I wonder if it was Christmas-time when they did what they did. I am forever thankful. How I wish I knew their names. I’m sure they are walking the streets of glory now with the Savior, but I wonder if they know how very much theyContinue reading “I wonder if it was Christmas-time when they did what they did.”

Jesus is the Reason… and that’s no small thing

Jesus is the reason. And not just for the season. Jesus is the reason. He is the ABSOLUTE guarantee for those who call Him Lord. The Apostle Paul said, “For all the promises of God find their Yes in him. That is why it is through him that we utter our Amen to God forContinue reading “Jesus is the Reason… and that’s no small thing”

Keeping Christ in Christmas – a challenge and a guide

A Christ-Filled Christmas Really Enjoying the Holidays  Dear Friend- What a Savior we have to celebrate!  He has come to give us life and life to the full (John 10:10)!   This time of year, may we seek His presence in many ways.  May we slow down and soak in His goodness.  May this Christmas bringContinue reading “Keeping Christ in Christmas – a challenge and a guide”