REAL change and our role

When Paul wrote his letter to Timothy, there were estimated to be 60 million slaves in the Roman Empire. Slavery was sanctioned by the culture and the government.

I find it curious, and convicting, that in the face of this injustice, Paul gives instructions for slaves to honor their masters so that the name of God and his doctrine may not be blasphemed. (1 Tim 6:1)

Are we to honor those who are over us even if their authority over us is by unrighteousness means?

What other conclusion can we reach?

And, you know, this includes those who God has allowed in authority over us in our country.

This includes our new President.

Our words and actions should testify to hope and to the power of Christ in our lives including how we act toward our President (who, for many, is not whom we would have chosen).

I know many of you pray for our country, but have you prayed specifically for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris? 😳

Have you prayed for them to know the Lord and surrender to His will?

Have you asked the Lord to give them wisdom to lead our country?

Now, I admit I am greatly concerned about religious freedom, the sanctity of marriage, the protection of the unborn, and many other things with their policies. I will continue to call out wrong things, but I will also commit to pray for those in authority in our government and show honor to their offices “so that the name of God and his doctrine may not be blasphemed” via my lips.(1 Tim 6:1)

I also take notice that Jesus, nor His disciples, did not call for a violent revolution against the injustice of slavery.

Rather, Christ instructed His followers to go and make disciples who make disciples. This is where real change and real hope is birthed.

The real change we hope for, will not come from social justice, or other political solutions, but from hearts surrendered to the will and purpose of the Lord.

So, let’s pray. Let’s pray diligently. Let’s stand for truth respectfully. But let’s keep praying.

Yes- Let’s read the Word and do what it says so that “the name of God and his doctrine may not be blasphemed.”



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