In THE PRESENCE of our enemies…

This Thanksgiving week, as I have counted my blessings, I’ve found myself counting something as a blessing I didn’t think I ever would. A couple of years ago, our family faced what felt like a true enemy in another flesh and blood person. It all seemed to begin right after we shared our faith withContinue reading “In THE PRESENCE of our enemies…”

Happy Thanksgiving friends!

Oh that moment, I walk in the door at my parents’ home. Turkey cooking. Dressing baking. The aroma of delicious anticipation floating through the house. I want it to last forever. There’s something so wonderful about slowing down and savoring our blessings. Though our earthly blessings are fleeting, there are hints of heaven in everyContinue reading “Happy Thanksgiving friends!”

Hard days, still, may our lips never cease to PRAISE!

“Now to the King eternal, immortal, invisible, to God who alone is wise, be honor and glory forever and ever. Amen” (1 Tim 1:17) As Paul wrote those words in his letter to Timothy, I wonder if he sat his pen down, lifted his hands to heaven and was overcome with praise to the Lord?Continue reading “Hard days, still, may our lips never cease to PRAISE!”

We can’t control what comes our way, but we can still have PEACE!

As we come to the end of Paul’s letter to the church at Philippi, there they are, the words that drew me here in the first place, the words my heart holds dear— “I have learned in whatever state I am, to be content” (Phil 4:11) “And my God shall supply all your need accordingContinue reading “We can’t control what comes our way, but we can still have PEACE!”

And when LIFE IS GOOD!

When I see those famous words, “I have learned in whatever state I am, to be content” (Phil 4:11) my mind most often goes to learning to be content in times of trouble. Don’t you? But, you know what? You know what I think so many of us miss when we read this familiar passage?Continue reading “And when LIFE IS GOOD!”

Say something about sin…before it’s too late.

I’m thinking of picking up this hammer and hitting my thumb. How many of you would just stand there, and watch, and say nothing? Yet, this is what so many of us do when we see others walking in and toward misery-making sin! We say nothing. We even tell others to not bring it up.Continue reading “Say something about sin…before it’s too late.”

When God Doesn’t Seem Fair

When God Doesn’t Seem FairFrom Two Moms’ Hearts Five years ago. The surgery waiting room was packed with family and close-as-family special friends. We had been told the day before my tall, dark, and handsome twenty-three-year-old son’s mass was cancer. This second surgery would reveal if the cancer had spread to Will’s lymph nodes. (ItContinue reading “When God Doesn’t Seem Fair”


One thing about those people, at the church of Philippi, those very real people, with families and jobs and worries of their own—they saw opportunities, and they acted on them. As Paul closes his letter, he writes, “your care for me has flourished again” (Phil 4:10). Paul recognized the effectiveness of the church being theContinue reading “so FULL and SATISFYING”

There is a PEACE that eludes so many who say they believe in God…

You can recognize it, you can agree with it, you can talk about it all day long; but if you fail to practice truth and follow the ways of God…. you will never have peace! Paul, is in essence, saying, “Don’t just observe the Christian life, LIVE IT! Live it, like I’ve lived it! That’sContinue reading “There is a PEACE that eludes so many who say they believe in God…”

Let’s ask the Lord THIS and protect ourselves and our families.

Used to, I knew people who printed out Philippians 4:8 and sat it on top of their televisions. This helped them test what they were viewing. But, I’m not so sure many do that today. I’m continually amazed at the garbage Christians mindlessly consume…The Bachelor, Yellowstone, Fifty Shades, (and before I came across verses likeContinue reading “Let’s ask the Lord THIS and protect ourselves and our families.”

THIS is the way we fight our battles and walk in peace.

Slow down, friend. Take note of this. This is some help-you stuff. The Apostle Paul doesn’t just say take a passing glance at good things, he says MEDITATE on them. “Finally, brethren, whatever things are true, whatever things are noble, whatever things are just, whatever things are pure, whatever things are lovely, whatever things areContinue reading “THIS is the way we fight our battles and walk in peace.”

“Be anxious about nothing.” Really, nothing?

Does nothing mean nothing? Cause I got some somethings that don’t feel like nothings! But there it is, “Be anxious for nothing.” (Psalm 4:6) And wouldn’t you know I’d come to this verse in my study of Philippians when I’m awake at 4am anxious over something?! Do I really have to live everything I writeContinue reading ““Be anxious about nothing.” Really, nothing?”

What if we were known for this?

Those are my boys goofing around at our family photo session. But you know, in all seriousness , if we aren’t careful when we are dealing with others, things can get quickly out of hand! Somebody is probably living this right now! I know I have had situations quickly go south when that was neverContinue reading “What if we were known for this?”

What would it look like to just let it go and REJOICE?

Rejoice in the Lord always. Again, I will say, rejoice! (Phil 4:4) You know, there is much to celebrate because of Jesus! I absolutely love that CHRISTmas will be here soon, a time when many intently focus on celebrating Him, but we can always rejoice in Him no matter what else is going on! ChristiansContinue reading “What would it look like to just let it go and REJOICE?”

This disagreement was affecting the entire church!

Well, there you go. Two women. Two women who couldn’t get along. How would you like your name being forever remembered for your disagreement? Clearly, this disagreement was affecting the entire church and word of it had traveled to Paul in prison. Paul has been passionately preaching truth. The words of his letter to theContinue reading “This disagreement was affecting the entire church!”

Is everything sad going to come untrue?

Therefore, stand fast in the Lord. (Phil 4:1) StandFastInTheLord. Not in your own strength.Not in your own thoughts.Not in your own resources.Not in your own ways. Stand fast.In the Lord. All other ground is sinking sand. Paul has just talked about eternity, our true home, and how one day our lowly bodies will be transformed.Continue reading “Is everything sad going to come untrue?”

Those who walk in sin, as a lifestyle, better beware!

Now, if I thought myself mature for one moment and not distracted by earthly things (see Friday’s post, Phil 3:19), I only have to read a bit further in Paul’s letter to realize I have a LONG way to go. For when Paul writes, (Jesus) “will transform our lowly body that it may be conformedContinue reading “Those who walk in sin, as a lifestyle, better beware!”

God’s Word doesn’t sugarcoat what it sometimes feels like to be a Christian.

Thousands of years ago, the children of Israel would lift the words of Psalm 143 to the Lord, a song begging for guidance and deliverance. The words were written by David, who first garnered attention in the courts of King Saul for the soothing songs he would play on his harp—but Saul’s adoration would soonContinue reading “God’s Word doesn’t sugarcoat what it sometimes feels like to be a Christian.”

For those wrestling to understand

Jacob wrestled with God. That’s too much for my mind to even conceive. Except, I’m wrestling. Not in the physical sense, but certainly in that I’m trying to understand what God is doing through some exhaustingly hard things in my life. I know it’s true that God routinely does things we do not understand forContinue reading “For those wrestling to understand”