March for Life

Today, thousands will give up other things they could be doing and March for Life. Because of technology, like ultrasounds, we all know it’s a baby—a life they march for. The issue is no longer, “is that a life”, but am I going to choose my self (my desires, my comfort, my plans, my goals)Continue reading “March for Life”

I want to be on the other side…

I want to be on the other side. You know the other side of the current problem impacting my life. I want to feel the rejoicing that comes AFTER the pain and worry have subsided. I know what that is like.I’ve seen God be faithful before. But right now.I’m in the “not yet”. I’m inContinue reading “I want to be on the other side…”

When you don’t have the answers.

I don’t have answers to life’s questions. God knows I have many, many questions. I long for Him. I want to understand Him. I want to follow Him. But, if I am honest, I also want life to be stable, predictable and easy. When hard days come, I want to immediately see what God isContinue reading “When you don’t have the answers.”

Thoughts for a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Do you need some confidence to face this New Year? Then focus on your sin for a moment. Here’s why… If we don’t understand the depths of our sin, we won’t understand the great love of our Savior enough to be able to confidently trust Him with our tomorrows. Let me explain… Luke tells us,Continue reading “Thoughts for a HAPPY NEW YEAR!”

I personally recommend this exercise program.

About this time every year, I start thinking about diet and exercise. Anybody else? But you know, strenuous spiritual exercise is better than physical exercise. This is powerful.This is supernatural.And it’s TRUE.And it’s in the Bible. Paul says to “exercise yourself toward godliness” (4:7). The dear old Apostle uses words like train, toil, and strive—Continue reading “I personally recommend this exercise program.”

You don’t have to box it up

The Christmas tree lights sparkle in the early morning dark. The candle flame dances. The smell of pine and cinnamon fill my home. I sit snuggled under a red Christmas blanket, piping hot coffee in my mug, my Bible in my lap. Sweet moments to savor. Christmas is almost here. Once again, it has comeContinue reading “You don’t have to box it up”

When I’m afraid, He helps me trust Him again.

I know, God, You love them more than I do….those whose names are heavy on my heart. I often find myself trying to say or do just the right thing in hopes they would find hope, joy, and peace in You. Oh God, that some would finally just surrender to You. In the middle ofContinue reading “When I’m afraid, He helps me trust Him again.”

Is this the way you came?

I sit thinking of friend after friend.Story after story.Every one of them.Not one of them came another way. Those I know well, who love God so deeply, whose trust is rock-solid, who possess the sweetest peace and unshakable hope…they each have this in common—they came the way of suffering. I bet you know them too.Continue reading “Is this the way you came?”

Jesus is the Reason…for more than you think.

Jesus is the reason.And not just for the season. Jesus is the reason. He is the ABSOLUTE guarantee for those who call Him Lord. The Apostle Paul said, “For all the promises of God find their Yes in him. That is why it is through him that we utter our Amen to God for hisContinue reading “Jesus is the Reason…for more than you think.”

When you need HOPE!

Honestly , I thought, by this point in these hard days of these two hard years, I’d be able to explain what God is doing and tie everything up in a really good devotional. But things are still hard, and no end is in sight. And it’s Christmastime. I’ve struggled. Have you? I’ve shook myContinue reading “When you need HOPE!”

THIS is the great lie of the pro-choice movement

We have all sought our own way, to the detriment of others and have ultimately come up empty and miserable. The abortion debate, in front of us, is such a perfect example of this. Because of technology, like ultrasounds, we all know it’s a baby—a life. The issue is no longer, “is that a life”,Continue reading “THIS is the great lie of the pro-choice movement”

LIGHT in the darkness

The house is still and dark.No one else is up. There’s nothing quite like the Christmas lights in the darkness. I soak up this moment sitting by my tree.….nothing quite like LIGHT in the darkness. I’m drawn to it. Are you? Sitting in the stillness, I’m reminded of the words from Zechariah’s holy prophecy, theContinue reading “LIGHT in the darkness”

In THE PRESENCE of our enemies…

This Thanksgiving week, as I have counted my blessings, I’ve found myself counting something as a blessing I didn’t think I ever would. A couple of years ago, our family faced what felt like a true enemy in another flesh and blood person. It all seemed to begin right after we shared our faith withContinue reading “In THE PRESENCE of our enemies…”

When God Doesn’t Seem Fair

When God Doesn’t Seem FairFrom Two Moms’ Hearts Five years ago. The surgery waiting room was packed with family and close-as-family special friends. We had been told the day before my tall, dark, and handsome twenty-three-year-old son’s mass was cancer. This second surgery would reveal if the cancer had spread to Will’s lymph nodes. (ItContinue reading “When God Doesn’t Seem Fair”

Is everything sad going to come untrue?

Therefore, stand fast in the Lord. (Phil 4:1) StandFastInTheLord. Not in your own strength.Not in your own thoughts.Not in your own resources.Not in your own ways. Stand fast.In the Lord. All other ground is sinking sand. Paul has just talked about eternity, our true home, and how one day our lowly bodies will be transformed.Continue reading “Is everything sad going to come untrue?”

God’s Word doesn’t sugarcoat what it sometimes feels like to be a Christian.

Thousands of years ago, the children of Israel would lift the words of Psalm 143 to the Lord, a song begging for guidance and deliverance. The words were written by David, who first garnered attention in the courts of King Saul for the soothing songs he would play on his harp—but Saul’s adoration would soonContinue reading “God’s Word doesn’t sugarcoat what it sometimes feels like to be a Christian.”

For those wrestling to understand

Jacob wrestled with God. That’s too much for my mind to even conceive. Except, I’m wrestling. Not in the physical sense, but certainly in that I’m trying to understand what God is doing through some exhaustingly hard things in my life. I know it’s true that God routinely does things we do not understand forContinue reading “For those wrestling to understand”

Ancient words of encouragement for our hard days.

Tender words. Paul had lived them. “What was gain to me, these things I have counted loss for Christ” (Phil 3:7) As he sat in a Roman prison writing this letter, Paul looked back at all he had before he had radically encountered Jesus on the road to Damascus. He recounts these things in PhilippiansContinue reading “Ancient words of encouragement for our hard days.”

How can we find CALM in our CRAZY WORLD?

The Apostle Paul has just written those famous words, “To live is Christ, and to die is gain.” (Phil 1:21) He goes to say, he wasn’t sure which he would choose. He knew being with Christ would be far better, but he also knew serving out his purpose on earth, shepherding the flock, would reapContinue reading “How can we find CALM in our CRAZY WORLD?”