Remember there’s a battle you can’t see, and PRAY!

I couldn’t sleep. I woke up early thinking about this world (and, to be honest, my own little world). I was reminded of my study of Daniel about a year ago— Daniel is praying fervently as the Lord, through Gabriel, explains the things which are to come— the destruction of Jerusalem, the coming of theContinue reading “Remember there’s a battle you can’t see, and PRAY!”


It is affecting the hearts and minds of many. I’m not saying we should not take this pandemic seriously or take precautions. I’m not saying that at all. What I am seeing though is so incredibly sad, and it breaks my heart. It’s fear without hope. It’s gripping. It’s suffocating. It’s consuming. Many. It’s notContinue reading “No FEAR!”

Monday Morning Life and Peace

Have you ever read a familiar passage of scripture and suddenly, something just stands out to you, that maybe, you never really noticed before? I’ve honestly thought to myself, though I know it’s not true, “God, did you just put that there?” This happened to me just recently as I read my Bible. Paul wasContinue reading “Monday Morning Life and Peace”

Though we see trouble, let’s keep trusting one day at a time.

As I process the news of my heart troubles, your prayers and encouragement are so incredibly dear to me and our family. I am slowly reading through your many comments. Thank you. As I thought about the passage I shared yesterday, where Daniel literally becomes sick over what God has shown him will happen toContinue reading “Though we see trouble, let’s keep trusting one day at a time.”

Our tears don’t mean we are faithless.

I posted this on this day last year. It seems so fitting in this day. So thankful God is okay with our tears—- I find myself in Daniel 7 and 8. And it’s hard to read. I slow down. I back up. I pull out commentaries. I see that many great theologians, like John CalvinContinue reading “Our tears don’t mean we are faithless.”

God is NOT absent in the HARD THINGS we face.

Most believers I know will tell you they don’t fear physical death because they know they will be with Jesus in the blink of an eye. We believe God sent His Son to taste death for all of us (Heb 2:9) and through His death He destroyed him (the devil) who had the power ofContinue reading “God is NOT absent in the HARD THINGS we face.”

And so I’ll rest…

Well okay, my life is Yours God.But it’s still mine, right? You wouldn’t ask me to go through THIS, right? Really? But God, truly, if I’m honest, I feel like perhaps I’ve already gone through so much. Haven’t I learned what You’ve been teaching? What, there’s more? But God? I really don’t think I canContinue reading “And so I’ll rest…”

Hold on! One day this mourning will be turned into DANCING!

Just a little over a week ago, my husband held me and we danced. What a blessing it was. But, I have cried lately too—about Afghanistan, about a friend’s little daughter dying of cancer, and other friends who have lost loved ones to this pandemic. I have spoken with many others dealing with hard, stressfulContinue reading “Hold on! One day this mourning will be turned into DANCING!”

Hey, don’t forget where REAL hope is found!!

I can’t remember what had caused me to fear way back then, I just remember her response. Oh, how I miss my wise friend. She’s with Jesus now. She told me, “When the world is crazy, when you don’t know what to do, draw closer to Jesus. Be prepared to give an answer for theContinue reading “Hey, don’t forget where REAL hope is found!!”

How NOT to worry in these hard days

It’s dark outside. My house is quiet. I haven’t turned on the news yet, but I already had a “flash flood watch” pop up on my phone. But my anxious heart, it’s been on a sort of “watch” for days. …trouble seems to be looming around every corner—earthquakes, Hurricane Ida, CoVid, Afghanistan, inflation, division… IContinue reading “How NOT to worry in these hard days”

August 31st

August 31st, this coming Tuesday, is the deadline for our withdrawal from Afghanistan. August 31st, our country may leave fellow Americans and allies behind to face torture and perhaps death by the Taliban. It’s horrible and heartbreaking. And I shake my head because August 31st, twenty-five years ago, was also the worst day of myContinue reading “August 31st”

No Matter How Hard-here’s some HOPE!

These are hard days.But we can count on God.We can STILL count on God.He’s calling the shots. Remember, one-fifth of the books of the Bible are prophetic in nature. God tells us things that will happen, before they happen,and what He will do,before He does it. The book of Daniel is one of the mostContinue reading “No Matter How Hard-here’s some HOPE!”

In this hard world, we hope in Jesus, not ourselves.

Jesus.He is perfect.He is so good. But me, I am the most broken person I know. I am horrifically flawed. I am incredibly able to fail at any given moment. I have.I do. The things I really want to do, I don’t do. The things I truly don’t want to do, I often do. IContinue reading “In this hard world, we hope in Jesus, not ourselves.”


I read multiple accounts yesterday of believers in Afghanistan literally running for their lives, being hunted by the enemy. Oh, but friends, the same is happening here in ways we cannot so easily see. The evil one is crouching at our doors looking for whom he might devour. (I Peter 5:8) Be sober. Be alert.Continue reading “May we NOT SLEEP!”

God doesn’t often tell us HOW He will carry us through. He just does it.

I wonder if you have noticed it too? Not once, but over and over… I see people whose faith has grown as their earthly securities have been removed. They lose jobs, finances, relationships, even face death of loved ones, and they still grow closer to God. It’s astounding to watch. It’s amazing. It’s also unnerving.Continue reading “God doesn’t often tell us HOW He will carry us through. He just does it.”

Need encouragement? Questions to ask when trouble comes

I woke up earlywith my troubles,and the troublesof those I love,so very much,on my mind. Again. My heart hurts. I know God teaches so much more in the hard times than He does in the “easy days”. But how do we go from knowing that to actually seeing God in the midst of the trial,Continue reading “Need encouragement? Questions to ask when trouble comes”

In all the confusion, remember this.

The truth is, we don’t know what to do. This virus has us all struggling. No one has found a solution, and many are divided in all the confusion. We look to the government for answers, and, well, they can’t seem to keep their story straight. Everyone is affected either directly or indirectly by thisContinue reading “In all the confusion, remember this.”

When you are disappointed…hold on.

Sometimes, we try to go one way and God sends us another. He did that to Paul and Timothy in Acts 16, and I know He does that in our lives too. Years ago, my husband and I had walked a property dreaming of where we’d build our home. We showed it to others, weContinue reading “When you are disappointed…hold on.”


I snapped this picture one year ago. As I looked at that solid rock mountain and the glorious scenery, I couldn’t help but think, “THERE IS NO ROCK LIKE OUR GOD!” What a ROCK He has been to me. It’s odd, but I don’t recall the trouble I was facing when I wrote the following,Continue reading “When YOUR heart is OVERWHELMED”

Do you need to remember God hears your prayers?

John is about to end his letter with a powerful punch of truths. John would have his readers remember the confidence they have in Christ, and the confidence they can have in prayer. When John wrote his letter, Christianity was spreading like wildfire, though it was far from easy to be a Christ-follower. False teachersContinue reading “Do you need to remember God hears your prayers?”