Over and over. This.

My scripture flip calendar, my daily Bible reading, my Oswald Chambers devotional, are all hitting on the same theme—possess nothing and follow Jesus. Possess NOTHING.Follow Jesus. I have been sensing it in my spirit for a while now. God is asking me to trust Him a little more, open my hands a little wider, furtherContinue reading “Over and over. This.”

Are we approaching the End of Days with a missing America?

It’s easy to shake our head at all that is going on with our country. Honestly, I wonder if we are about to lose this great nation. Are we approaching the End of Days where America seems to be missing, or at least, irrelevant? How long will God have mercy on us? How long willContinue reading “Are we approaching the End of Days with a missing America?”

Will God really sustain us to the end?

God will sustain us to the end (1 Cor 1:8, ESV). And even after reading those words, the “buts” and the “what-ifs” begin to assault my mind. Even after years of Bible studies and church attendance, my mind, can imagine circumstances so hard, it feels like God would stop sustaining me. But the truth is,Continue reading “Will God really sustain us to the end?”

It’s not all up to us!

Feeling burdened and overwhelmed this Monday morning? Remember- We have one job—to trust and obey the One who is powerfully at work In this world. Everything else is His job! Hallelujah! It’s not all up to us! The author of Hebrews explains that Jesus is the perfect priest of a better covenant to ALL whoContinue reading “It’s not all up to us!”

Are We Too Far Gone?

My neck is hurting from shaking my head so much lately. I honestly can’t believe what I’m seeing in our country. Is there still a silent majority? And why, are they so silent if they are there at all? Are we too far gone? Should Christians still try to influence the public square? Are schoolContinue reading “Are We Too Far Gone?”

We the People, better pay attention

It’s Constitution Day. This should matter to Christians. For this document was written with freedom in mind. And Christian, our freedoms to exercise our faith, and freely speak about our faith, have never been more in danger. Look around. Notice what is being done in the name of safety. These infringements on our rights shouldContinue reading “We the People, better pay attention”

Read the Word. In context. Speak truth.

“But solid food is for the mature, for those who have their powers of discernment trained by constant practice to distinguish good from evil.”‭‭Hebrews‬ ‭5:14‬ ‭ESV‬‬ If we want to grow in spiritual maturity we are supposed to constantly practice discerning good from evil. Wouldn’t that require us to call some things “good” and someContinue reading “Read the Word. In context. Speak truth.”

Remember there’s a battle you can’t see, and PRAY!

I couldn’t sleep. I woke up early thinking about this world (and, to be honest, my own little world). I was reminded of my study of Daniel about a year ago— Daniel is praying fervently as the Lord, through Gabriel, explains the things which are to come— the destruction of Jerusalem, the coming of theContinue reading “Remember there’s a battle you can’t see, and PRAY!”


It is affecting the hearts and minds of many. I’m not saying we should not take this pandemic seriously or take precautions. I’m not saying that at all. What I am seeing though is so incredibly sad, and it breaks my heart. It’s fear without hope. It’s gripping. It’s suffocating. It’s consuming. Many. It’s notContinue reading “No FEAR!”

Monday Morning Life and Peace

Have you ever read a familiar passage of scripture and suddenly, something just stands out to you, that maybe, you never really noticed before? I’ve honestly thought to myself, though I know it’s not true, “God, did you just put that there?” This happened to me just recently as I read my Bible. Paul wasContinue reading “Monday Morning Life and Peace”

Don’t put faith in your own faith.

I think the enemy would love for us to believe we are the only ones whose faith has faltered. But this is not biblical. Throughout Scripture, God allows us to peak into the lives of some of the most faithful when they were the least faithful. Why would He do that? Perhaps, God allows usContinue reading “Don’t put faith in your own faith.”

What if Tomorrow Never Comes?

It’s 9/11.And we ought to all stop.And remember. Today, we should think about those who died —the heroes who ran in and those trapped, huddled in fear. It took five years to build the twin towers. It took 102 minutes from the first impact on the north tower for them both to fall. In 102Continue reading “What if Tomorrow Never Comes?”

Though we see trouble, let’s keep trusting one day at a time.

As I process the news of my heart troubles, your prayers and encouragement are so incredibly dear to me and our family. I am slowly reading through your many comments. Thank you. As I thought about the passage I shared yesterday, where Daniel literally becomes sick over what God has shown him will happen toContinue reading “Though we see trouble, let’s keep trusting one day at a time.”

Our tears don’t mean we are faithless.

I posted this on this day last year. It seems so fitting in this day. So thankful God is okay with our tears—- I find myself in Daniel 7 and 8. And it’s hard to read. I slow down. I back up. I pull out commentaries. I see that many great theologians, like John CalvinContinue reading “Our tears don’t mean we are faithless.”

God is NOT absent in the HARD THINGS we face.

Most believers I know will tell you they don’t fear physical death because they know they will be with Jesus in the blink of an eye. We believe God sent His Son to taste death for all of us (Heb 2:9) and through His death He destroyed him (the devil) who had the power ofContinue reading “God is NOT absent in the HARD THINGS we face.”

And so I’ll rest…

Well okay, my life is Yours God.But it’s still mine, right? You wouldn’t ask me to go through THIS, right? Really? But God, truly, if I’m honest, I feel like perhaps I’ve already gone through so much. Haven’t I learned what You’ve been teaching? What, there’s more? But God? I really don’t think I canContinue reading “And so I’ll rest…”

Are you raising kids who will be able to stand in hard days?

This remains one of the most shared things I’ve ever written. In these hard days, I felt it important to share again. It’s hard truth, but there is HOPE! —- They are some of the most miserable people I know–young adults who haven’t really picked a side. They try to live in two worlds—the oneContinue reading “Are you raising kids who will be able to stand in hard days?”

Let’s keep praying about this…and let’s act!

Let’s keep praying that what happened in Texas regarding abortion will happen all over this country. I’m thankful for those on the frontlines fighting to save lives. I think of my sweet sister-in-law who met with a scared, young woman facing an unplanned pregnancy just yesterday. I also think of Abby Johnson who the movieContinue reading “Let’s keep praying about this…and let’s act!”