He sees. So let’s rest. But how?

God sees.
He knows.
There’s rest to be had in this truth.

But how?

Paul tells Timothy, “ Some men’s sins are clearly evident, preceding them to judgment, but those of some men follow later. Likewise, the good works of some are clearly evident, and those that are otherwise cannot be hidden”.(1 Tim 5:24-25)

Here’s the deal… we can try to hide our stuff, our sin, but God sees.

It may seem that others are getting away with evil things, but God sees.

It may feel like no one notices our good works, but God sees.

He sees.
He knows.

We don’t always see or know.
But He does.

So, let’s remember that. Let’s let that guide our behavior. Let’s flee evil and run towards the good.

Let’s rest in the fact, that God is a just God and will exact perfect justice based on what He always and accurately sees.

And He always and accurately sees everything. Everything.

He does. We can take that to the bank.

So, let’s don’t spin our wheels, wring our hands, and lose sleep over what we can’t control.

Instead, let’s ask the Lord to help us follow Him closer, trust Him more, and rest in His sovereign control of every day we will ever live.

But how?

Yes, pray.

And can I be honest? I’ve not been praying as I should lately. Ive been convicted of this in multiple ways recently.

Yes! I love, and read, and study, and write, about the Word.

But that should be balanced with prayer and my prayer life has been…well, just less than it should be, and so my peace has been less than it could be.

And not only peace but power.

The heroes of the faith, from Bible days to today, have all been people who diligently did the work of prayer.

They cast their worries and cares on Him, the strong One, the eternal One, the Rock that is higher.

And they asked for everyday things and they asked for BIG things. They didn’t limit God.

As they prayed, they walked forward in His strength and found rest.

Just the fact, that we are invited to pray to the Most High, the fact that He hears our prayers, and speaks to us when when pray, should amaze us.

Let’s be people who pray.
Let’s not neglect so great a blessing.

For His is the Kingdom and the power and the glory forever…and He wants to hear our prayers!!

Happy Monday…let’s pray! First, often and always!





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