The Root Cause of Most of Our Sin Choices

First, I’d like to know what wrinkle cream the aging Sarah used! She must have had timeless beauty like Audrey Hepburn because as I continue reading in Genesis, yet another king (see Genesis 20), has taken notice of her…and here goes Abraham lying again that she is his sister! Abraham is rebuked by the worldlyContinue reading “The Root Cause of Most of Our Sin Choices”

Fear’s great lie is that God isn’t really enough.

Fear is a liar. But what is fear’s great lie? —That God really won’t be enough for me. But God says, “Fear not, for I am with you, be not dismayed, for I am your God; I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you with my righteous right hand”. (Isa 41:10)Continue reading “Fear’s great lie is that God isn’t really enough.”

Need a little peace? Focus on this!

Has a verse ever just “jumped out” at you? Perhaps a portion, or all of it, seemed “new” in some way? Luke 12:29-31 says, “And do not seek what you should eat or what you should drink, nor have an anxious mind. For all these things the nations of the world seek after, and yourContinue reading “Need a little peace? Focus on this!”

Lion of Judah!

I remember as a little girl peering around my mom trying to read the colorfully decorated banners being carried down the aisle at church for the annual Christmas program—each with different names of God. Names like:“King of Kings”“Lord of Lords”“Lion of Judah” For many years, I took those names for granted. I ran from God.Continue reading “Lion of Judah!”

When I’m afraid, He helps me trust Him again.

I know, God, You love them more than I do….those whose names are heavy on my heart. I often find myself trying to say or do just the right thing in hopes they would find hope, joy, and peace in You. Oh God, that some would finally just surrender to You. In the middle ofContinue reading “When I’m afraid, He helps me trust Him again.”

God is NOT absent in the HARD THINGS we face.

Most believers I know will tell you they don’t fear physical death because they know they will be with Jesus in the blink of an eye. We believe God sent His Son to taste death for all of us (Heb 2:9) and through His death He destroyed him (the devil) who had the power ofContinue reading “God is NOT absent in the HARD THINGS we face.”


I snapped this picture one year ago. As I looked at that solid rock mountain and the glorious scenery, I couldn’t help but think, “THERE IS NO ROCK LIKE OUR GOD!” What a ROCK He has been to me. It’s odd, but I don’t recall the trouble I was facing when I wrote the following,Continue reading “When YOUR heart is OVERWHELMED”

When It’s Dark

We grabbed our bag chairs out of the back of the truck and walked toward the trail. Rain was dripping from the trees and night was coming. We weren’t exactly sure what to expect, but for years we had heard about the mysterious, beautiful synchronous fireflies in our nearby Smoky Mountains. We walked a shortContinue reading “When It’s Dark”

Here I am, anxious again.

It’s early. I rolled out of bed with a mean headache, a side effect of the nitroglycerin patch I’m now wearing. My mind went quickly to my heart, and more tests I’m scheduled for next week. It was so early, only 5 am, yet there it was, that dark cloud again. I began to prayContinue reading “Here I am, anxious again.”

When we are strong, and when we are not, Jesus is there.

When our faith is strong, Jesus is there. When we fall apart, He is still there. Jesus has just finished teaching the famous parables about the blind leading the blind, and building our houses on the rock (Luke 6), and then walks into Capernaum. He is quickly met by Jewish elders requesting help for aContinue reading “When we are strong, and when we are not, Jesus is there.”

A note from my daughter

What cost are you willing to pay?(a note from Abi Jaggers McCollough) I’ve been journeying through the book of Acts lately. Paul truly was an incredible warrior for the Kingdom of God. To be honest with you, I have felt some conviction reading through this book. I think it would be easy to brush offContinue reading “A note from my daughter”

You Should Run To Him

I love the beautiful picture of this phrase, “under the shadow of your wings”. How many times my broken, fearful, confused, tired heart has clung to this picture of God. It is a picture of refuge, God holding us close, and this is how Boaz used it when he spoke to Ruth in his fieldContinue reading “You Should Run To Him”

When we fall apart. He is still there.

As I continue to think about the Lord and His interactions with others, these weeks before Easter,I’m reminded of these two wonderful, but contrasting, examples. Jesus has just finished teaching the famous parables about the blind leading the blind, and building our houses on the rock (Luke 6), and then walks into Capernaum. He isContinue reading “When we fall apart. He is still there.”

This has NOT changed.

Yesterday, the words of Hebrews 10:39 kept coming to me-“But we are not of those who draw back to perdition, but of those who believe to the saving of the soul.” We, who have faith, are not of those who shrink back. We are not of those who draw back. We are those who believe.AndContinue reading “This has NOT changed.”

The Secret of those not walking in FEAR

It is affecting the hearts and minds of many. I’m not saying we should not take this pandemic seriously or take precautions. I’m not saying that at all. What I am seeing though is so incredibly sad and it breaks my heart. It’s fear without hope. It’s gripping. It’s suffocating. It’s consuming. Many. It’s notContinue reading “The Secret of those not walking in FEAR”

Oh my heart …and a Christmas wedding!

I burst into tears at the sight of my daughter’s messy room. Clothes were everywhere as she had been packing for her honeymoon. Her honeymoon! I realized she would soon clean up her room for the last time. And the tears about choked me. I thought back to a few years ago, when one ofContinue reading “Oh my heart …and a Christmas wedding!”