How I study the Word (some thoughts and tips)

Nothing has changed my life more than God’s Word and a desire to know Him better through it. Peter tells us it is how we grow: “Therefore, laying aside all malice, all deceit, hypocrisy, envy, and all evil speaking, as newborn babes, desire the pure milk of the word, that you may grow thereby, ifContinue reading “How I study the Word (some thoughts and tips)”

Do you know what it is?

Most of you who follow this page aren’t caught up in carousing and drunkenness (see Luke 21:24,NKJV) but there’s this other thing… This other, sneaky thing. Did you read the verse referenced above? Did you see it? The evil one seems to use IT so effectively against us, and it’s effects are often just asContinue reading “Do you know what it is?”

Do you know the thing that makes for your peace?

Christ predicted the destruction of Jerusalem. He warned the Jewish people, but so many did not believe Him. He told them, when they saw the armies surrounding the city they should flee to the mountains (Luke 21:20) Those who believed Him to be the Messiah believed His words and fled; but those, who did notContinue reading “Do you know the thing that makes for your peace?”

Maybe you need this tonight?

Since we were children, the enemy has been whispering to us about what’s wrong with us, where we are lacking; and he continually tells us we are woefully unworthy. He surrounds us all with distorted, neon images of worldly perfection. Everywhere we look, from magazines covers to social media posts, the evil one tries toContinue reading “Maybe you need this tonight?”

Are these the End of Days?

The disciples wanted to know when the End of Days would come. (Luke 21:7) I want to know, too. In Luke 21, Jesus gives what is commonly called the Olivet Discourse (Jesus was at the Mount of Olives when He said these things. Matthew 24 also records, in greater detail, the Olivet Discourse, and isContinue reading “Are these the End of Days?”

Keep giving. That’s where real world change happens.

Jesus had just spoken of those who love to be seen and revered by others when He notices a poor widow quietly giving all of the little she had. (Luke 21) He contrasts how she gave all she had out of her poverty with those who give just an offering out of their abundance. JesusContinue reading “Keep giving. That’s where real world change happens.”

Why are so many young adults walking away?

Many young adults are walking away from the church–deciding the world has so much more to offer. Why? Why are so many young adults deciding Jesus really isn’t for them? Perhaps they are willing to “sell Him so cheaply” because they also bought into Him so cheaply. Have we failed a generation by entertaining themContinue reading “Why are so many young adults walking away?”

We are a people desperate to be reminded of the hope we have

We are a people desperate to be reminded of the hope we have. Our flesh forgets. Our souls become downcast. Our eyes forget to look beyond the here and now. We struggle to remember God can make a way when our limited imaginations can’t fathom any possible way. And we, who possess eternal hope, spiralContinue reading “We are a people desperate to be reminded of the hope we have”

Have you noticed the lost world increasingly disparaging Christians?

Have you noticed the lost world increasingly trying to disparage Christianity and discredit Christians and even Jesus? Have you noticed some, you thought strong in the faith, compromising on Biblical principles? Have you spoken with a few, even calm, level-headed Christians, who think the End of Days could be approaching? And they are EXCITED! ButContinue reading “Have you noticed the lost world increasingly disparaging Christians?”

They thought they had trapped Him

Because they had resisted the rule of God in their lives, God’s chosen people found themselves given over to Roman rule and were required to pay taxes to Caesar. Thinking themselves wise, in yet another attempt to trap Jesus, the Jewish scribes asked Him, saying, “Teacher, we know that you speak and teach rightly, andContinue reading “They thought they had trapped Him”

The world is hard. The Bible is God-breathed to help us.

Even when Jesus walked the earth, there were those who pretended to be righteous. They wanted to deliver Him to the power and authority of the governor. They wanted to catch Him in something so the government could contain, control, and ultimately condemn Him. But He perceived their craftiness (Luke 20:23). And so should we!Continue reading “The world is hard. The Bible is God-breathed to help us.”

For those wrestling to understand

I wrote this before and I need to remember again…. Jacob wrestled with God. That’s too much for my mind to even conceive. Except, I’m wrestling. Not in the physical sense; but certainly, in that, I’m trying to understand what God is doing through some exhaustingly hard things in my life. I know it’s trueContinue reading “For those wrestling to understand”

Oh friend, hold on in these hard days!

Almost since time began, people have been rejecting the ways of God. They have listened to lies of the evil one and gone their own way. They killed the prophets God sent to warn them of trouble and judgment. Shortly before His death, Jesus tells the parable of the vineyard owner who sent his servantsContinue reading “Oh friend, hold on in these hard days!”

Beware of those who twist Scripture for their own gain

Jesus walks into the temple and drives out those who were buying and selling there. (Luke 19:45-46) And many, who seldom talk about Scripture, point to these verses to justify the violence in our country associated with the Black Lives Matter movement rioting. But let’s not be so quick to fall for this. If weContinue reading “Beware of those who twist Scripture for their own gain”

Joyful Dependence

Over and over in Scripture…but also over and over in my lifeand the lives of others I observe….Jesus goes out of His way to take us through circumstances, to get through thick heads, like mine,that weABSOLUTELY CAN’Tdo thingsin our own strength. We can’t.We weren’t made to do so. We were made forJOYFUL DEPENDENCEon the ROCKContinue reading “Joyful Dependence”