Beware of those who twist Scripture for their own gain

Jesus walks into the temple and drives out those who were buying and selling there. (Luke 19:45-46) And many, who seldom talk about Scripture, point to these verses to justify the violence in our country associated with the Black Lives Matter movement rioting. But let’s not be so quick to fall for this. If weContinue reading “Beware of those who twist Scripture for their own gain”

Joyful Dependence

Over and over in Scripture…but also over and over in my lifeand the lives of others I observe….Jesus goes out of His way to take us through circumstances, to get through thick heads, like mine,that weABSOLUTELY CAN’Tdo thingsin our own strength. We can’t.We weren’t made to do so. We were made forJOYFUL DEPENDENCEon the ROCKContinue reading “Joyful Dependence”

Nothing is too hard for God—including same-sex attraction.

Many, in our culture, pick and choose the parts of the Bible they like, they argue certain things “no longer apply”, and apply that to all sorts of things to argue some things that God calls “sin” in the Bible is not really “sin”. They say things like “my god wouldn’t….”, but we have toContinue reading “Nothing is too hard for God—including same-sex attraction.”

For Christian parents whose children say they are gay. A response to Jen Hatmaker’s celebration of her daughter “coming out”

Oh Momma. You aren’t alone. God is with you. I know your heart is breaking. You don’t know who you can trust with the painful situation your family is facing. And you are a Christian. Your child has decided they are gay. And you raised them in church. Your dreams feel shattered. You question everyContinue reading “For Christian parents whose children say they are gay. A response to Jen Hatmaker’s celebration of her daughter “coming out””

Be careful! Don’t hold your donkey too tightly!

One week before His crucifixion, Jesus prepares to enter Jerusalem. He sends His disciples ahead to get the donkey he will ride. (Luke 19:28-34) They walk into town, untie the donkey, that did not belong to them, and when the owners question, they merely say the words Jesus had told them to say,”Because the LordContinue reading “Be careful! Don’t hold your donkey too tightly!”

Remember this when you hang out with those caught up in sin

When people spend time with you, do they see Jesus in you and desire to follow Him more? Zacchaeus, that wee little man, who climbed the Sycamore tree and invited Jesus to dine with him, was well known for his sins (Luke 19:7). But after spending time with Jesus, he repented of his sins andContinue reading “Remember this when you hang out with those caught up in sin”

Worried about these times we are living?

Years ago, the world looked scary to me. Maybe not as scary as it seems right now; but, still, I was worried. My kids were little, and I worried about them growing up in this hard world. I asked my friend, and mentor, Karen, what I should do. Though she’s gone home to be withContinue reading “Worried about these times we are living?”

Hang on and remember this!

I’ve never seen anything quite like our world right now. It’s easy to feel discouraged, isn’t it? I don’t know if these hard days will get harder…but they could. For Christians, as we approach the End of Days, things will get harder. God’s Word tells us, “The love of many will grow cold”. Matthew 24Continue reading “Hang on and remember this!”

I’m having trouble moving past this

I just can’t seem to move past this passage. The rich young ruler walked away, sorrowful, but unwilling to part with his great possessions to follow Jesus.(Luke 18) I’ve wondered again and again if I’m holding anything too tightly or counting on anything more than I count on Jesus. Jesus explains to His disciples howContinue reading “I’m having trouble moving past this”

The REAL World Changers

There is so much virtue-signaling“wokeness” in our culture right now. Suddenly, it’s as if we are trying to outdo each other pontificating about our advanced understanding of the evils of human nature. We post about how well we “get it”, but the ones who truly seem to “get it” don’t seem to be saying thatContinue reading “The REAL World Changers”

You can’t trust this person

Go ahead and look in the mirror.You cannot trust that person. You probably already know that.Maybe you’ve been trying to deny it. Jesus told the parable in Luke 18 to some who trusted in themselves that they were righteous and treated others with contempt…(Luke 18:9) Those two things—trusting in yourself and treating others with contemptContinue reading “You can’t trust this person”

I’m so thankful he keeps asking

I was so sad. For some reason, our cuckoo clock had crashed to the floor and had been laying,in pieces, on my dining room table, for weeks. We had bought it years ago when our young family lived overseas. Yesterday, I walked by as my husband, reading glasses perched on his nose, and pliers inContinue reading “I’m so thankful he keeps asking”

I’ve seen it over and over

I’ve seen it over and over. Have you? There is blessing for those who trust in God. They stand on the solid Rock, Who is Christ Jesus. God’s promises are their anchor. Jesus calms their storms. Though the world around them may be shaken, they are curiously steady. Steady. Though others fall away to theContinue reading “I’ve seen it over and over”

When It’s Dark the Light still Shines.

This was one year ago. The trail is closed. But the light still shines…. We grabbed our bag chairs out of the back of the truck and walked toward the trail. Rain was dripping from the trees and night was coming. We weren’t exactly sure what to expect, but for years we had heard aboutContinue reading “When It’s Dark the Light still Shines.”

Is Jesus Coming Soon?

Lately, I’ve found myself wondering if Jesus is coming back soon. Have you? Here are some things we know about the Second Coming of Christ— People will be going about their normal day-to-day stuff… getting married, partying, buying and selling, building, and planting gardens. (Luke 17:26-30) Many will reject Jesus. Wickedness will also be acceptedContinue reading “Is Jesus Coming Soon?”