When you pray…wow!

One of my sons met his girlfriend’s parents for the first time last week. I was joking with him, and said if the dad asks you your intentions for his daughter, you should say, “I plan to kiss her well and often!” 🤣

I was joking! But as I read about prayer…we really should endeavor to do that well and often.

Jesus talks about how not to pray and then gives an example about how to pray. (see Matt 6:5-15)

Let’s not miss the point that we are receiving instruction from the very God who hears our prayers! We need to take note that, in the things the Lord said in His short time here on earth, He covered prayer.

And when you really think about prayer, it seems quite ridiculous that we would endeavor to impress other mere mortals when, we are in fact, allowed to speak to the Holy of HOLIES, the Supernatural, Most High God, when we are praying.

I’m blown away that God bends His ear to listen to us. Aren’t you?

And He not only listens, but He commands angel armies, in the spiritual realm, to fight on our behalf!

Oh, if our eyes could see the mighty warrior angels, Gabriel and Michael, commanded forth when Daniel set his heart to pray and fast! And, you know the same God who did this for Daniel, is at work in the heavenly realm for you and me.

Surely, if I truly understood this, I’d ought to be more concerned about tripping over my tongue with the words I have sometimes carelessly rattled off to the King of Kings, than ever being worried about impressing others.

Oh, friends let’s don’t worry about how our prayers sound to others, whose lives are also but a breath, and instead, let’s rejoice that Jesus made a way for us to approach the throne of the Living God with our worries, fears, hope and dreams.

And not only has Jesus made the way, He is at work for us when we pray.

He is not concerned about our flowery words, He is put off by them in fact. Instead, He wants to hear our sincere and honest hearts— not some dry, repetitive religious gobbledygook.

And our Savior, who died so we might live and pray, wants to hear from us often …because He loves and cares for us in real relationship.

This instruction on prayer, here in Matthews gospel, should both convict and encourage us.

May our hearts indeed remember Who we get to talk to! And may we talk to Him often ❤️

Here’s one of my favorite songs on that https://music.apple.com/us/album/remember/1479127986?i=1479127993




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