You aren’t the only one struggling…

It’s far from easy.It’s stinking hard. It’s a hard and holy thing to die to self.And you aren’t the only one struggling with it. For many, who walk with Jesus, it’s a slow thing as we learn little by little, year after year, to die to things that don’t really matter and hold on toContinue reading “You aren’t the only one struggling…”

Church Basements. Holy Places.

They are holy places.Church basements. As I walked down the stairs, my shoes clicked on the cold concrete floors, and I ran my fingers on the painted concrete block walls. This wasn’t the church I had grown up in, but it sure reminded me of, when as a child, I had clicked my patent leatherContinue reading “Church Basements. Holy Places.”

How do we “take heart” in this hard world?

Clearly there are lots of things to concern us about this world we are living in. The latest opinion polls show everyone, in just about every demographic, seems to be stressed about the political and economic climate. Stressed. And for Christ followers, this anti-biblical culture is greatly adding to our concerns-especially for our kids andContinue reading “How do we “take heart” in this hard world?”

This is YOUR sign. Go to CHURCH tomorrow!

Go to church.No, really, GO to church tomorrow.Plan right now to do this. No doubt, a fuzzy blanket, a cup of piping hot coffee, pajamas and a podcast have become “worship” for some. I know some people are in seasons of life where they are home bound for various reasons, but I’m not talking toContinue reading “This is YOUR sign. Go to CHURCH tomorrow!”

A CAUTION for those getting comfy at home

Some studies suggest 30 percent of church-goers have left the church during this pandemic. Many are probably cultural Christians who don’t truly know Jesus. But not all. Some of you, who truly know Jesus, have decided you like your church better on a screen because you prefer the edited, less-messy version. I get it. IContinue reading “A CAUTION for those getting comfy at home”