How hard it is to be a believer today (especially a young one)

A few years ago I posted about my concern over the Super Bowl half time show and that post was shared a lot. Because the post was shared so much, people who wouldn’t typically see my page read what I had written. Most comments were supportive, but others were quite irate. I was called severalContinue reading “How hard it is to be a believer today (especially a young one)”

Are we ready to face affliction for the cause of Christ?

You know, it’s easy to say “yes” to Heaven, but are we ready to face the affliction that might come because we follow Christ? Are we ready for that? Will our kids be? Paul and Silas had been beaten and jailed in Philippi because of the gospel. Their joy, as they sat in prison singingContinue reading “Are we ready to face affliction for the cause of Christ?”

Preach the Word! Don’t change the message!

These words were written to those who would seek to follow the Lord, those suffering for the faith, those not yet born, and those who would live in the End of Days. These were the last words of a dying saint who knew his time was short. Don’t miss this! Paul uses STRONG words whenContinue reading “Preach the Word! Don’t change the message!”

We don’t usually mention this.

It’s not typically mentioned when we talk about the gospel. If we trust the Living God, we will labor and suffer reproach. (1 Tim 4:10) I don’t like reading those words, much less living them. But the truth is, the call to follow Christ is a call to die. (Matt 16:24-26) It is not aContinue reading “We don’t usually mention this.”