Peanut butter & jelly and a pink jacket.

“Give us today our daily bread.” (Matt 6:11)

Just this one day, give me what I need for this one day.

It’s a simple prayer about the daily things we need. Early theologians thought Christ surely meant this in the allegorical sense -as in “give us communion with You” and while we certainly need this, it is more likely agreed upon that Jesus meant bread as simple as “bread”. (Like the peanut butter and jelly kind).

The truth is , God is our Father and provider and He certainly cares about our daily needs.

He wants us to ask about the big things, but understand, the “big” things are not any harder for Him than the little things. So to Him, because it’s all the same, we can ask about all things.

And the thing is, as we ask for those little daily things and see Him answer, we will learn to trust Him for when the “bigger” and “harder” things come our way.

Years ago, I read the verse about “in all your ways acknowledge Him and He will make your paths straight” (Prov 3:5-6). About this same time, our family was tight on finances, and I was scheduled to speak at a church soon.

Now, I really wanted something cute to wear, but I didn’t need to spend much money.

Remembering this verse and the Lord’s instruction on prayer, I prayed (and drove to a local store.)

As soon as I walked in my eyes were drawn to a long pink jacket that would hide my mic and my hips. 😉

It was like rays of sunshine were pointing right at that jacket!

I walked over and turned the price tag up to read that it had been marked down on clearance to $3.00!

Y’all! It was beautiful and brand new and only $3.00!

It was all I could do to not raise my hands and loudly praise the Lord right there in the middle of that store for making my path so straight!

Now, that pink jacket story may sound silly, but let me tell you God has often used it to remind me to pray and trust Him to make my path straight when it has come to much harder things in life— things like when my oldest son had cancer.

The same God, who cares about pink jackets, has His children when it comes to all that we will ever face in this life.

He has you and what you are concerned about in this day!

The point is, as we walk with the Lord and pray to Him about every day things, we will see Him be faithful.

When the harder things come, (and they do for all of us) we will know He will be faithful there too. And we will have peace as we’ve seen Him be faithful in the daily, pink jacket kind of things.




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