Walking Forward with God even after Wrestling

Even after seeing amazing grace and incredible faithfulness by God, I’ve turned right around, and allowed myself to be filled with fear, imagining God might not carry me through the next thing. Have you? Such is the case, as Jacob is warned by God to leave the land of his father-in-law, taking his wives andContinue reading “Walking Forward with God even after Wrestling”

Best to follow THE ONE who keeps His Promises.

The deceiver is deceived, as we come to the famous story of Jacob and his two wives -Rachel, and her sister, Leah. (Genesis 29 and 30) This text is full of deception, envy, and even sex, as the two sisters send in their maids in a baby competition. We feel sad for unloved Leah. WeContinue reading “Best to follow THE ONE who keeps His Promises.”

Have you created a god in your own image?

God makes a profound covenantal promise to Jacob in his dream (Gen 28:13-15) and then Jacob makes a conditional vow to God. CONDITIONAL Then Jacob made a vow, saying, “If God will be with me and will keep me in this way that I go, and will give me bread to eat and clothing toContinue reading “Have you created a god in your own image?”

God is very involved in this world and your life.

I’ve been reading Genesis for several weeks. In light of all that is going on in our world, it is so important to understand the relevancy and reliability of Scripture. Old and New. As we study it, we begin to see both world history, and what the future holds, in a different light. In GenesisContinue reading “God is very involved in this world and your life.”

Even the faithful feel hopeless sometimes.

We don’t talk openly about it very often. It’s usually a whispered discussion if we say anything at all . But this thought occurs for many of us, sometime over our lifetimes. Those who are of the faith, sometimes feel hopeless. Sometimes,circumstances,are so very bad,we even despair of life. We don’t think we can goContinue reading “Even the faithful feel hopeless sometimes.”

Have you ever comforted yourself with these thoughts?

I wonder, have you ever comforted yourself by wishing harm on someone who has harmed you? You know, have you ever lay in bed plotting how you’d get them back? In Genesis 27, Esau is enraged over the deception involving the blessing and birthright, and Rebekah tells Jacob, “Surely your brother comforts himself concerning youContinue reading “Have you ever comforted yourself with these thoughts?”

You can’t see everything just yet…

Isaac is about to bless Jacob in one of the most famous stories of deception ever told. (Gen 27) It’s a hard story. Culturally, the whole idea of a blessing like this is foreign to us. It can even seem unfair on the surface. But let’s remember, the surface is all our human eyes canContinue reading “You can’t see everything just yet…”

Pause, just a moment, and ask God this…

You know, when we go our own way, and choose to sin, we are demonstrating a distrust in God our children will notice and often emulate. It can be generational. As I open to Genesis 26, Isaac and Rebekah have the twins and there is a famine in the land. Isaac lies to King AbimelechContinue reading “Pause, just a moment, and ask God this…”

Questions and Keeping On

As I open my Bible to Genesis 25, I don’t get very far into the passage before I’m a little shocked. Isaac is married. Abraham takes another wife, in his old age and has more children (that’s a little shocking!) but what really shocked me, is that after Abraham dies, Isaac AND ISHMAEL bury him.Continue reading “Questions and Keeping On”

You ready to go?

Are you ready to hop on a bumpy, slow-moving camel, to travel 500-900 miles to a place you’ve never been, with a person you just met, to marry a guy you’ve never laid eyes on? As I pick up Genesis again, Abraham has confidently sent his servant to find a wife for his son, Isaac.Continue reading “You ready to go?”

THIS always causes me to take notice…

Have you seen it? I sure have. Joy that makes ABSOLUTELY no earthly sense. It’s a high and holy thing.It’s supernatural.It always causes me to take notice…. As they travel toward the Promised Land, Sarah dies. (Genesis 23) Abraham purchases land to bury his wife (the only land he will actually end up owning). AndContinue reading “THIS always causes me to take notice…”

Go ahead and lay that down…

Does your brain ever get stuck on something, or is that just me? After reading Genesis 22, I’d like to just move on and stop thinking about God asking Abraham to sacrifice his son, to surrender all, to hold nothing back. But I keep thinking about it. To be honest, I’d like for God toContinue reading “Go ahead and lay that down…”

Has God ever seemed unfair?

Have you ever thought God might be unfair? Sometimes, even when we read Scripture, we may get this impression. Genesis 21 might be one of those passages …but hang on and check this out… After 25 years of waiting on the promise to be fulfilled, Sarah gives birth to Isaac. Then, Sarah gets upset (again)Continue reading “Has God ever seemed unfair?”

Does this beautiful thing ever happen to you?

It still amazes me when I come across a passage of Scripture that seems to flash like a neon sign. Though the words have been there for thousands of years, sometimes, they seem beautifully brand new. I’ve even smiled a little bit in my prayers, saying, “God, did you just put that there?” His WordContinue reading “Does this beautiful thing ever happen to you?”

The Root Cause of Most of Our Sin Choices

First, I’d like to know what wrinkle cream the aging Sarah used! She must have had timeless beauty like Audrey Hepburn because as I continue reading in Genesis, yet another king (see Genesis 20), has taken notice of her…and here goes Abraham lying again that she is his sister! Abraham is rebuked by the worldlyContinue reading “The Root Cause of Most of Our Sin Choices”


I love how the Bible sugarcoats everything and only tells the simple, pretty stories. Except it doesn’t. The Bible is real. God shows us the proclivity of humans to see Him do amazing things and then turn right around and blow it. After Lot and his two daughters had just been supernaturally rescued from SodomContinue reading “Beware!”

Sodom and Gomorrah, our Culture, and Loving those caught up in sin…

Sodom and Gomorrah (Gen 19). The story is so very familiar to many who grew up in church. It’s also so very strange. As a young girl, in what was called “Sunday School”, I remember sitting in the hard wooden chair thinking about Lot’s wife being turned into a pillar of salt. I remember imaginingContinue reading “Sodom and Gomorrah, our Culture, and Loving those caught up in sin…”

Male or Female. We all know.

In light of recent events, let me say this again, we need to see this gender identity issue as what it truly is—that which God created shaking its fist at the Creator! “So God created man in His image, in the image of God He created him, male and female He created them.” (Gen 1:27)Continue reading “Male or Female. We all know.”

You know HE knows what you may think is too hard for Him, right?

You realize, The Almighty God (El Shaddai) , the God Who Sees (El- Roi) knows our doubts and our worries. God knows what it is we think is too hard for Him. Here’s one reason we can know this— In Genesis 17, God makes the covenant with Abram to multiply him exceedingly and give himContinue reading “You know HE knows what you may think is too hard for Him, right?”

THIS should change us!

God reveals Himself to us through the rich pages of His Word and not only in the New Testament. Right after God reveals Himself as El-Roi (the God Who Sees, Genesis 16), God appears to Abram and tells him He is Almighty God (El Shaddai, Genesis 17). Let that soak in- the God Who SeesContinue reading “THIS should change us!”