Does this beautiful thing ever happen to you?

It still amazes me when I come across a passage of Scripture that seems to flash like a neon sign.

Though the words have been there for thousands of years, sometimes, they seem beautifully brand new. I’ve even smiled a little bit in my prayers, saying, “God, did you just put that there?”

His Word is so good, so alive, so relevant and so very worthy of studying every single day of our lives.

I still find myself delighting in it and noticing things I never noticed before.

As I pick up Genesis again, such was Genesis 20:6 for me.

God says to the pagan King Abimelech, “For I also withheld you from sinning against Me; therefore I did not let you touch her.”

This tells me, though God gave us a free will, He sometimes chooses to stop us from sinning.

And you know, this realization about God will impact how I pray and what I ask when I pray.

I’m going to ask God to stop those I love from sinning. I’m going to ask Him to stop me.

Now will He choose to do this every time? I don’t think so as this goes against having a free will.

But might He do so in certain situations? Well, this passage seems to suggest He just might.

Oh friend, how the Bible reveals the character of God. May we approach it to know Him better. May we delight in what we discover about Him as we do and may this knowledge impact how we live, how we pray, and how we hope.

And here’s one more thing, I’m wondering is the Bible impacting you? I’m not asking are my posts, or someone else’s thoughts on Scripture impacting you.

It’s one thing to read what others have to say as a help or supplement but please, don’t neglect reading the Word for yourself.

I’m convinced God desires to speak to His children directly in this way. He has a word specifically for you.

Please, don’t neglect so great an invitation to open the Living Word and hear from the Lord for yourself and for your circumstances.

I’m honored to study with you; but please don’t substitute what I write, or what any other human writes, for reading the Word on your own. God will speak to you there…and that is a supernatural, beautiful blessing!



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