Sodom and Gomorrah, our Culture, and Loving those caught up in sin…

Sodom and Gomorrah (Gen 19). The story is so very familiar to many who grew up in church. It’s also so very strange.

As a young girl, in what was called “Sunday School”, I remember sitting in the hard wooden chair thinking about Lot’s wife being turned into a pillar of salt. I remember imagining just what she must have looked like and wondering if the first rain dissolved her into a salty, muddy puddle.

As an adult, I imagine the evil of Sodom and Gomorrah has surely been a topic of dread and struggle for those teaching the Bible to young people over the years.

It has to be especially hard today, in our culture, where this particular sin (you know what I’m talking about) is proclaimed as normal and even celebrated.

But sin it is. And anyone who says they have read the Bible and come away with a different conclusion is wrong, deceived, and/or seeking to deceive others.

The Bible, BOTH the Old and New Testaments are absolutely clear (Romans 1:26-28, Leviticus 18:22, 20:13)

This should not be a controversial subject among Christians.

So, let’s be confident of what we’ve read, learned and know.

Let’s don’t get caught up in our culture’s assault on truth.

But let’s also understand there is nothing is too hard for God. (Matt 19:26).

And if you love someone caught up in this particular sin, I know it’s often a silent pain. Many are too afraid, especially parents, to share what’s breaking their hearts.

And the enemy loves that.

Because the evil one has come to rob, kill and destroy —and not just your kid, but your family, your marriage, the church and our country.

But you are not alone. The one you love is not the only one who is being deceived. Your family is not the only family who is struggling. It’s an epidemic.

A popular religious speaker and author, recently celebrated her daughters “coming out” and threatened to block and delete anyone who refutes her or tries to use “Bible-splaining”.

Other parents have faced this too. But they’ve chosen the better way. They’ve chosen to trust God more than they trust this world and our culture and they’ve fought FOR their kids with love AND truth. And I’ve seen God work miracles.

Because, God, He is absolutely able.

He is able to break any chain and set any captive free. If He could not, He would not be God.

And so when we feel discouraged, and we all do, let’s remember just Who we call “Lord”. Let’s say it out loud —nothing is impossible for God (Matt 19:26).

Yes, it’s gut-wrenchingly hard… but it’s not too hard for God. Not even this.

And if you are dealing with someone you love caught up in sin (this or any other) you have to put on your spiritual armor and hold on to truth! You’ve got to trust God, and keep trusting Him, more than you trust your feelings or anything else.

The lost world will tell you are loving them if you celebrate their decision to walk in what God calls sin as a lifestyle—but to do so is NOT love.

For when we love others, we want them to walk away from sin that will hurt them. (James 1:15)

Whether that sin is heterosexual, or homosexual, or anything else God calls “sin” —does not make any difference.

And Christian parents remember this —Our job as parents is to always love our kids AND point them to truth. Biblical truth.

And when we do, great things still happen. Is it easy? NOT AT ALL.

But, I will also tell you this, I’ve heard story after story of Christian parents who loved their kids, but not the sin.

They didn’t celebrate or accept the sin and they have seen their children walk away from the lie of sin and walk in real freedom and true joy.

I’ve seen pictures from their kid’s engagements and weddings. I’ve seen photos of their grand babies.

I have listened as moms encourage other momma’s hearts to hold on, to keep praying, to keep prayerfully, carefully speaking truth about sin-whatever that sin may be— because that is part of truly loving those kids God has entrusted to us.

For those (especially parents) in the battle right now—I know you feel alone. The evil one wants you to feel this way and give up. But hold on!

May God give you a few friends to share your pain and cover you in prayer.

May He remind you that He loves your kid even more than you do and He is a pursuer of the prodigal.

May He protect your marriage.

And may He bring victory. May He help you believe that He can bring good from what the enemy intends for evil.

Oh He can! Yes, HE can!


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