Even the faithful feel hopeless sometimes.

We don’t talk openly about it very often. It’s usually a whispered discussion if we say anything at all .

But this thought occurs for many of us, sometime over our lifetimes.

Those who are of the faith, sometimes feel hopeless.

are so very bad,
we even despair of life.

We don’t think we can go on. We might not tell our closest friend, but we have even wished we could die.

And it’s not because we are feeling so spiritual, just hoping to be in Heaven, it’s more so that we just want to get away from here.

Sometimes the desperation comes from what others have done to us. Other times, as with Rebekah, our own actions have led to our misery.

After everything blew up with Jacob and Esau, Rebekah says she despairs of life. (Gen 27:46)

And regardless of the cause, if we are honest, many of us have felt this same way.

And even if you are a Christ-follower, you are not immune.

Yes, there is joy to be found in the Lord, but sometimes that joy seems so far out of reach. So distant.

Sometimes, our despair seems suffocating. Sometimes our hope seems hidden from us.

But, we need to understand the enemy wants to take these feelings and run with them.

Let’s realize the one bent on our destruction wants us to spiral down even further. He would like for us to take the life we gave to Jesus, and destroy it.

Make no mistake, the evil one will kick us hardest when we are down, and our past wounds are his favorite areas to target again and again.

He whispers lies and tries to convince us to numb our feelings with a drug, to fight others to “protect” ourselves, or to look for hope in an illicit relationship.

But the father of all lies’ solutions will only magnify our pain and the pain of those who love us.

For his goal is not to simply rob, kill and destroy us, but also to horribly wound those we love.

Yes, those we love.

His target is generational. He wants our kids and our grandkids.

And because we know this, we must fight to hold tight to Jesus and walk in truth.

God understands His children will sometimes feel discouraged and often very discouraged. Why else would He tell us to encourage one another? (1 Thess 5:11)

Yes, we all have hard times and down days. There is no shame in admitting it. AND there is no reason not to seek help with our despairing thoughts.

Oh friend, tell someone! Tell someone who can point you to truth and help. God has gifted us with some great godly friends, pastors, biblical counselors and physicians.

And remember, the hard road you are walking, and the feelings you are feeling may feel like they will never improve….but 99.9% of the time this is just not the case.

I’ve seen God restore hope and joy in my own life and in the lives of countless others walking through gut-wrenching things. Hard things that seemed impossible to my human eyes.

God can restore your joy. Nothing, nothing is too hard for Him. And often, He will use others to help us during these times.

And, (don’t miss this) as we walk forward in restored hope, God will often use us to encourage others.

Oh friend, reach out and hold on. Better days are coming! And one day, this hard hard may the very way you are equipped help someone else.





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