Ever had trouble with another person?

Having trouble with a fellow believer? No… surely not! The thing is, it’s pretty common. But the truth is, we are called to serve others and respect them. Always. When Paul wrote his letter to Timothy, Christians owned other Christians (can you imagine?) Yet Paul encouraged them, that if they were a slave to aContinue reading “Ever had trouble with another person?”

Be deliberate about this

Nine things. Normally by November 9th, I would have listed nine blessings I’m thankful for. But 2020 has been hard. But the truth is, those things I would’ve listed are still with me today. I’m still incredibly blessed. Yes, 2020 has been difficult and the election, and our country, doesn’t seem to be going theContinue reading “Be deliberate about this”

What would you do?

What would you do?What would you choose?Could you stand strong? It’s famous. We know the story. And we are tempted to breeze right through it. But slow down… This dilemma, (listen, that we may all face sooner, rather than later, the way our world is headed), is sobering and makes for far greater than aContinue reading “What would you do?”

Purpose in Your Heart

Good-looking. Young. Smart. Worldly, evil, Nebuchadnezzar set his sights on these. He endeavored to teach them the ways of his world so they might serve him well. For three years, they would be given the best of the best of the king’s delicacies and wine. But Daniel. He purposed in his heart not to defileContinue reading “Purpose in Your Heart”

The book of Daniel

Six hundred years before the birth of Jesus, the Mayan culture is flourishing in Mexico, construction begins on the Acropolis in Athens, Aesop writes his fables, Confucius and Buddha live, and Italy is introduced to the olive tree by the Greeks (personally, I love Italian food and I’m happy for this introduction). During this time,Continue reading “The book of Daniel”


Yesterday, was a magical day. I watched my daughter try on wedding dresses. How did time go by so very fast? At one point, the sweet attendant helping us suggested we take a “brain break” and for Abi to select a dress to try on that she’d “never wear”. Sadly, there were quite a fewContinue reading “Don’t be BOOBAFOOLISH!”