Are you grieving the better days of this country?

This morning, I’m thinking back to words my sister-in-law said to me as we prepared for a baby shower. They are increasingly true. Before all the guests arrived, Shauna, who is a prayer warrior and dear friend to me, talked about all that is going on in our world. She said something that struck meContinue reading “Are you grieving the better days of this country?”

I sat glued watching the Hurricane, and this struck me—

I sat glued to the coverage of the hurricane coming onshore in Florida. Wind whipped. Trees snapped. Rain pummeled. Transformers exploded. The storms pulled back the ocean like a curtain eerily revealing the coast normally covered by water. Newscasters warned walls of waters would soon be pushed back, bringing historic flooding. So many will sufferContinue reading “I sat glued watching the Hurricane, and this struck me—”

Male or Female. We all know.

In light of recent events, let me say this again, we need to see this gender identity issue as what it truly is—that which God created shaking its fist at the Creator! “So God created man in His image, in the image of God He created him, male and female He created them.” (Gen 1:27)Continue reading “Male or Female. We all know.”