THIS always causes me to take notice…

Have you seen it? I sure have.

Joy that makes ABSOLUTELY no earthly sense.

It’s a high and holy thing.
It’s supernatural.
It always causes me to take notice….

As they travel toward the Promised Land, Sarah dies. (Genesis 23)

Abraham purchases land to bury his wife (the only land he will actually end up owning).

And that makes me kind of sad, except I remember, that Abraham, at this point, no longer looks to this life and this world as his promised land. He looks to a better home.

His faith is in the One True God, the God who he has learned to call God, “The-Lord-Will -Provide” (Jireh, Gen 22:14)

And with that peace and confidence, Abraham will walk towards his heavenly home.

He will confidently tell his servant that God will provide a wife for Isaac and he will watch as He does. (Gen 24)

Abraham believed God, and kept believing God, and this is how his faith was credited to Him as righteousness.

And friend, this believing, and keep-on-believing, is how we walk forward in this life with peace and joy too.

Yes, there are moments we won’t understand. Yes, we will have times of sadness and disappointment, but when we turn our eyes to God, when we remember His promises, we will find real strength to keep going.

We will even find joy.

Joy that makes no earthly sense. Yes, I’ve seen it, haven’t you?

I have watched dear friends face sickness, sorrow and death with what I can only describe as God-infused joy.

Their physical and emotional pain was so very hard, but their peace was so incredibly real.

I have watched this “remembering-His-promises faith” in others, and it did not falter or wane, even in the face of death, because this world IS Not the promised land for those who know and trust God like this.

But those who look only to this world for their hope and satisfaction are disappointed again and again.

Oh, we may experience moments of exhilarating happiness from this life, but these moments are fleeting. They are not enough to sustain us.

But, like Abraham, when our hope is in God, when we look to Him for our joy, we will find He steadies us in a way the things of this world never could.

Oh friend, let’s turn our eyes upon Jesus. ❤️ and watch Him carry us too!




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