When they call you names…

A while back, a young, full of himself and this world person, called me “”Karen” after I had written something he didn’t like.

While he meant it in a derogatory way, I smiled because one of the most godly women I have ever known was named “Karen”. She is with Jesus now, and she was my friend and mentor.

She taught me so much about who we are as Christians.

Perhaps now, more than any other time in our lives, we have to remember who we are because of Jesus.

Because the lost world, they are going to call us names, try to make us doubt what is true, and increasingly vilify anything related to biblical principles.

But this is not new, I thought back to when I studied Daniel. Just after their capture, the chief eunuch changed the names of Daniel and his three friends.

This name change was part of the enemy’s ploy to change their hearts and turn them from the One true God to the god of this world (Satan).

David Guzik, in the Enduring Word app, tells us, “The name Daniel (meaning God is my judge) was changed to Belteshazzar (meaning Bel’s prince).

The name Hannaniah (meaning Beloved by the LORD) was changed to Shadrach (meaning Illumined by Sun-god).

The name Mishael (meaning Who is as God) was changed to Meshach (meaning Who is like Venus).

The name Azariah (meaning The LORD is my help) was changed to Abed-Nego (meaning Servant of Nego).”

Every time they were called by their new names, they heard a lie from the enemy.

Can you imagine?

But the truth is, the enemy daily calls us names. False names. He continually lies to us.

If we want great faith, like that of Daniel and his friends, we have to refute those lies with truth.

We should remember, “Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.”(Rom 10:17)

And especially now.

Yes, perhaps now, more than any other time in our lives, we have to remember who we are because of Jesus.

We’ve are different.
We’ve been set apart.
We aren’t supposed to look like,
or act like,
the rest of this world.

We are to be lights in the darkness. (Matt 5:16)

Daniel and his friends were…so much so that we are still talking about them thousands of years later.

Are you a Daniel in this crazy world? Are you raising your children to be?

When others look at you do they see something different?

Those who call Jesus Lord have been set apart.

We’ve been bought with a very high price. We are not our own. (1 Cor 6:19-20)

This world is not our home. Listen, we’ve not been told the truth if we think it should feel like it is. This is not “our best life now”!

Like Daniel and his friends, we are aliens and strangers here. Like them we are to abstain from the passions of the flesh which war against our very souls. (I Peter 2:11)

Like them, and others who have been faithful before us, we are to choose daily whom we will serve! (Joshua 24:15)

And those who choose to serve the Lord are wise.

—Wise like the famous missionary, Jim Elliot, who was martyred by the Auca Indians, but whose words are still quoted today —“He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose.”

Oh friend, may our hearts be set on Heaven.

May we live as lights in this darkness. May others see our peace and hope and joy in us and want what we have.

May we honor and glorify the One to whom all praise is due!

May we choose to serve Jesus in this day!!!



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