The hero arrives on the scene

We all love the moment the hero arrives on the scene. And this is the true story of one such moment.

Daniel’s three friends have refused to worship the king’s false god and this enraged him.

He has a fiery furnace heated seven times hotter than normal. The three friends are bound and thrown into the furnace, the fire so fierce, the flames kill the men who threw them in.

But there was another in the fire.
It’s our hero.

The hero of this story is not Daniel, or his three friends. The hero is the hero of their faith and of many today—the Christ, the Son of God.

King Nebuchadnezzar sees four men walking in the midst of the fire and exclaims the fourth to be “like the Son of God” (Dan 3:25)

Nebuchadnezzar calls the three out of the fire and the king’s counselors are astonished to see their clothes were not even singed and they didn’t smell like smoke.

And we, too, are astonished when we observe others who have been through fiery trials, but because Jesus was with them, because He was their strength and peace that made no earthly sense, they don’t smell like smoke.

We have heard their testimonies.
We have watched them in our churches.
We’ve worked with them and taken notice.

We may not have recognized, at first, that it was Jesus who was their strength; but we’ve certainly seen the difference in those who walk with Jesus through hard things, and those who do not.

For me, one of the things that helped me see Jesus, was when I watched others go through fiery trials and not smell like smoke, but have JOY.

Right now, you may be surrounded by flames, hard things, but Jesus is there for all who call on His Name.

Do you know Him? You know, you can call on Him right now. He hears you. He alone can save.

The Son of God brings beauty from ashes! He is so very good at doing so!

And Christian, perhaps, this hard thing, the thing you may be going through or will go through, may not even be about you, but may be so someone else may see the One standing with you in the fire!

Here’s one of my favorite songs about that-
“Another in the Fire”



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