Prophecy foretells His Return even more than His Birth!

Do you know these words from the prophet Isaiah were written 700 years before Jesus was born?? Isaiah 9:2The people walking in darknesshave seen a great light;on those living in the land of the shadow of deatha light has dawned.Isaiah 9:6-7For to us a child is born,to us a son is given,and the government willContinue reading “Prophecy foretells His Return even more than His Birth!”

No Matter How Hard-here’s some HOPE!

These are hard days.But we can count on God.We can STILL count on God.He’s calling the shots. Remember, one-fifth of the books of the Bible are prophetic in nature. God tells us things that will happen, before they happen,and what He will do,before He does it. The book of Daniel is one of the mostContinue reading “No Matter How Hard-here’s some HOPE!”

What the Bible told us would happen has happened.

The tide has shifted and what the Bible has told us would happen, has happened. Why am I shocked that what is wrong is called “right” and what’s right is called “wrong”? Things are happening just as God told us they would. And no longer can we simply agree to disagree in our culture. EitherContinue reading “What the Bible told us would happen has happened.”

Prophetic Marker of the End Times that many are looking for…

If you are intrigued by history, arranged marriages, love triangles, murderous plots, power grabs and the rise and fall of kingdoms at the hands of manipulative queens, Daniel 11 should be intriguing to you as well. (For incredible details on the fall of the Greek Empire and its’ corresponding predictions by Daniel, visit the EnduringContinue reading “Prophetic Marker of the End Times that many are looking for…”

Let’s take a pause…

As I study the prophecy of Daniel, I’m reminded that the great theologian, John Calvin, said Martin Luther is “indulging his thoughts too freely” when referring to the AntiChrist in Daniel. And I’m sitting here, thinking why did I pick Daniel to study and share? I don’t want to indulge my thoughts too freely. DanielContinue reading “Let’s take a pause…”

I took this picture

As I often do, when I look at a beautiful sunset, I wonder what the sky will look like when Jesus comes “in the clouds” (Dan 7:13) I’m drawn to the details of prophecy. Are you? In Daniel chapter seven, Daniel recounts a vision he had back during Belshazzar’s reign. It is prophetic in natureContinue reading “I took this picture”