Church Basements. Holy Places.

They are holy places.Church basements. As I walked down the stairs, my shoes clicked on the cold concrete floors, and I ran my fingers on the painted concrete block walls. This wasn’t the church I had grown up in, but it sure reminded me of, when as a child, I had clicked my patent leatherContinue reading “Church Basements. Holy Places.”

Ministry is SEDUCTIVE

My friend and mentor, once told me, “ministry is seductive”. I’ve pondered Karen’s words for years and asked God to guard my heart and mind in Christ Jesus as I write and speak. One day as I prayed, the Holy Spirit helped me think about myself as a water hose. A water hose has noContinue reading “Ministry is SEDUCTIVE”

Do you ever feel like you do more than your fair share?

It had been one of those days. I had worked and worked and felt like others weren’t doing their share. I had been playing the pity party music in my head for quite some time when my mom mentioned that my daddy’s feet were hurting him again. She explained that every morning she washes hisContinue reading “Do you ever feel like you do more than your fair share?”

Do you wonder if we are living in the last days?

I can’t read these words and not wonder if we are living in the last days— “But know this, in the last days perilous times will come: For men will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy, unloving, unforgiving, slanderers, without self-control, brutal, despisers of good, traitors,Continue reading “Do you wonder if we are living in the last days?”

Concerned? Do this for some peace…

Daniel has become literally sick over what God has shown him will happen to God’s people as a result of their unfaithfulness. But Daniel gets up and goes about his work (Dan 8:27). He studies Scripture, specifically the book of Jeremiah (Dan 9:2); and he fasts, and he prays. But, before we race ahead, let’sContinue reading “Concerned? Do this for some peace…”

What if we actually did this?

We humans exalt those on a stage. Jesus exalts those who serve. The servant-hearted Savior was patient with His disciples as they argued over who would be the greatest in Kingdom of Heaven. (Luke 22:24-30). For years, He had been living the answer right in front of them as He selflessly served others. And weContinue reading “What if we actually did this?”