Don’t you want it to last all year long? It can.

The Christmas tree lights sparkle in the early morning dark. The candle flame dances. The smell of pine and cinnamon fill my home.

I sit snuggled under a red Christmas blanket, piping hot coffee in my mug, my Bible in my lap.

Sweet moments to savor.

Christmas is almost here. Once again, it has come so fast. Soon another holiday season will be over.

As much as I want time to stand still, it will not.

How I want to linger in these special moments filled with family and friends that feel like family.

How I love these days when blessings are so easily seen and counted.

But days that aren’t so pretty will come.

Our human hearts are prone to wander, and our minds are likely to forget the blessings our eyes have surely seen.

But the same God we celebrate at Christmas-time is still there on the cold, barren days of January, long after the decorations have been put away.

And I’m so thankful the Messiah came for our every day.

He was never meant to be contained to a season or even a church building on Sundays.

He came for the every days—the good and the bad ones.

That same joy that you can almost touch this time of year does not have to be boxed up and put away.

Yet, so many do just that.

They put Jesus away and only think of Him at Christmas, or on Sunday, or when tragedy strikes.

Yet, there is so much more!

Those who daily seek and celebrate the Savior experience a joy that cannot be contained to a season on the calendar.

Those whose eyes remain on the Lord, whose ears are inclined to hear His voice, whose feet are ready to follow Him, no matter what the day may bring—they have joy that lasts the whole year through!

They have peace that makes no earthly sense!!

Christmas moments are truly wonderful, but there is so much more for those who know and celebrate the Christ of Christmas every day!

The greatest gift of Christmas is a real, daily relationship with the Savior!

God with us!!!

God always with us!!!

Jesus is something to celebrate every day!

What a Savior!


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