Something is off in this country, do you sense it?

Something is off.
I feel it in my spirit.

I look at our world, specifically at our country, and I see things happening at a pace I never thought possible.

Do you see it too?

Fewer and fewer people are thinking for themselves or even have the opportunity to do so.

Instead, hidden minions, working behind the scenes of social media, dictate the very information we see on a daily basis and herd us into a homogeneous mass of groupthink.

The information you see on the phone you hold in your hand is being used to manipulate your thinking and your actions.

What’s more, those who attempt to promote Biblical values, or even critical thinking, are quickly “canceled” and their voices increasingly banned.

And what’s more frightening is how quickly this generation has accepted this, while those who actually fought for the freedoms this great country was built on are growing old and dying.

In just a few years, we’ve changed from a country that celebrated rugged individualism, sacrifice and truth, and fought for the lives of the innocent and the downtrodden, to a people blindly looking to celebrities and power-hungry politicians for our values.

We’ve left the church in masses and look to government as god, giving wealthy career politicians more and more power over our families and our pulpits… like frogs in proverbial pots of boiling water.

Where are those who will stand on principle?

Where are those who will call wrong what it is?

Where are those who will carry the banner of truth and ignore the voice of scoffers?

Are they out there and their voices silenced?

Is all of this just part of the plan? Are we being conditioned to make way for the mark of the beast?

No, I do not believe the vaccine is the mark of the beast. But if we, citizens of what used to be a country that celebrated independence, will so quickly comply en masse with mandates for an arguably unproven vaccine as a requirement to work, to dine, and to shop… what else will we so easily accept??

What else?

If we can, just this week, scroll past news stories detailing the horror of innocent babies having their organs harvested while they are still alive, will we stand for nothing and fall for anything? (

Is it not now, more than ever, the time for “good men to come to the aid of their country” ? Where are those who will protect the innocent? Are there any who will fight for freedom?

Is it time for the church to really stand on what we say we believe and live like we trust what God calls “right” more than what our culture says is “right”?

Oh friends, truth is always worthy ground upon which to stand! This is exactly why the evil one is working so hard to confuse it and to squash it.

May we, who have seen the destruction wielded by the father of all lies, refuse to sit idly by and allow truth to be silenced and wrong called right.

May we, who have been set free by the truth of the gospel, love others enough to fight for our pastors to be able to proclaim truth that sets the captives free! (

Oh friends, these are hard days, and they may get harder. But may it not be said of us, that we did nothing to protect the truth and values that have made this country a lighthouse for those who yearn for freedom.

And may we consider the end goal of those who seek to squash our liberties and propagate lies is to prevent others from hearing truth and finding eternal freedom that comes only by the blood of the One who gave all that others may truly live.

May we pray. May we make the voice of truth heard.

2 thoughts on “Something is off in this country, do you sense it?

  1. Oh Kim,you are speaking truth and I’m sure you get plenty of hate mail for doing so. Keep fighting girl, hold on to your convictions, keep living for our Savior! Pray that God would help me be so bold!💕


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