Don’t put faith in your own faith.

I think the enemy would love for us to believe we are the only ones whose faith has faltered. But this is not biblical. Throughout Scripture, God allows us to peak into the lives of some of the most faithful when they were the least faithful. Why would He do that? Perhaps, God allows usContinue reading “Don’t put faith in your own faith.”

When we fall apart. He is still there.

As I continue to think about the Lord and His interactions with others, these weeks before Easter,I’m reminded of these two wonderful, but contrasting, examples. Jesus has just finished teaching the famous parables about the blind leading the blind, and building our houses on the rock (Luke 6), and then walks into Capernaum. He isContinue reading “When we fall apart. He is still there.”

Yes, God will give you more than you can handle.

If you’re like most, your plate is full this week. You’re well aware of the problems in our country, and this world, and worry is camped right outside your door. You’ve got a list for your lists this Monday morning and your not even sure if you’ve got time to read this post. 😉 Here’sContinue reading “Yes, God will give you more than you can handle.”

He walked in on her with another man.

I sat our piping hot soup on the table last night and asked my man if there was anything new from the day. He rattled through some things and then says, “Oh yeah, pretty cool, I got to share with a guy at work how (his first wife) cheated on me. I told him IContinue reading “He walked in on her with another man.”