How many celebrate Christmas and miss true HOPE?

How many celebrate the birth of Christ, but still, hold tight to their sin instead of true hope? Of friend, as I look at this world, at the frailty of life highlighted by this pandemic, as I read prophecy, and as I remember the words of our Savior, “ I am coming quickly ”(Rev 22:20),—IContinue reading “How many celebrate Christmas and miss true HOPE?”

Lion of Judah!

I remember as a little girl peering around my mom trying to read the colorfully decorated banners being carried down the aisle at church for the annual Christmas program—each with different names of God. Names like:“King of Kings”“Lord of Lords”“Lion of Judah” For many years, I took those names for granted. I ran from God.Continue reading “Lion of Judah!”

When I’m afraid, He helps me trust Him again.

I know, God, You love them more than I do….those whose names are heavy on my heart. I often find myself trying to say or do just the right thing in hopes they would find hope, joy, and peace in You. Oh God, that some would finally just surrender to You. In the middle ofContinue reading “When I’m afraid, He helps me trust Him again.”

Wise Men Still Seek (to follow) Him!

A wise pastor once explained to one of my children that salvation is one big decision to follow Jesus and then lots of daily decisions to keep following Him. To be a Christ-follower, means we no longer go our own way but follow Christ as Almighty God. We are to follow His way (as definedContinue reading “Wise Men Still Seek (to follow) Him!”

What if our quest for happiness will never satisfy us like THIS will?

I sat with a group of women the other night, and listened as a young mother described how “happy” she was that she has her young children in daycare 5 days a week from 8am – 5 pm. She has more time for herself and her husband. An older woman, a church-going, serve-the-community, woman lookedContinue reading “What if our quest for happiness will never satisfy us like THIS will?”

Mary’s Song

Mary, the teenage mother of Jesus, came from such humble means. The poor pregnant virgin, had heard the words of the angel, and responded with amazing peace and faith saying, “Let it be to me according to your Word.” (Luke 1:38). The unlikely girl, chosen by God to be the mother of His Son, theContinue reading “Mary’s Song”

You have this FRIEND, you know?

If you know the Lord, you’ve got the best friend you could ever have. Some people will never forget the bad things you’ve done. But God forgets. He remembers the sins of His children no more. (Heb 8:12) For years, I knew this without thinking about what that might look like. Lately, through my Dad’sContinue reading “You have this FRIEND, you know?”

Is this the way you came?

I sit thinking of friend after friend.Story after story.Every one of them.Not one of them came another way. Those I know well, who love God so deeply, whose trust is rock-solid, who possess the sweetest peace and unshakable hope…they each have this in common—they came the way of suffering. I bet you know them too.Continue reading “Is this the way you came?”

When you don’t FEEL it…

It’s seems wrong to mention it now, at Christmas-time, but, surely, I’m not the only one who feels it sometimes. Well, I guess the better description would be “doesn’t feel it sometimes”. I have days I feel spiritually numb, and I believe the Lord has led me to share this during a time when weContinue reading “When you don’t FEEL it…”

Jesus is the Reason…for more than you think.

Jesus is the reason.And not just for the season. Jesus is the reason. He is the ABSOLUTE guarantee for those who call Him Lord. The Apostle Paul said, “For all the promises of God find their Yes in him. That is why it is through him that we utter our Amen to God for hisContinue reading “Jesus is the Reason…for more than you think.”

Have you celebrated THIS about Christmas?

So many, who so powerfully and effectively preach and teach the Word, actually have to live it while walking really hard roads. This seems inherently unfair. Couldn’t they be immune from problems and pain? Why do they get cancer, and rebellious kids, and unfaithful spouses? Why wouldn’t a Mighty God protect those who seek Him,Continue reading “Have you celebrated THIS about Christmas?”

Where HOPE is FOUND!

The Messiah sat surrounded by the Pharisees and teachers of the law. The crowd surrounded the place and pushed in. I wonder if the buttoned-up religious leaders had to dust off their shoulders as debris surely began to fall as the tiles in the ceiling were removed. Did Jesus chuckle to Himself as the paralyzedContinue reading “Where HOPE is FOUND!”

When you need HOPE!

Honestly , I thought, by this point in these hard days of these two hard years, I’d be able to explain what God is doing and tie everything up in a really good devotional. But things are still hard, and no end is in sight. And it’s Christmastime. I’ve struggled. Have you? I’ve shook myContinue reading “When you need HOPE!”


That’s my house last Christmas. It doesn’t snow that often in East Tennessee, but this SNOW came ON CHRISTMAS! I ran around outside squealing like a five-year-old! It was glorious! But, you know, that brief moment of awe and wonder just made my heart long even more to behold the REAL, lasting glory of theContinue reading “SNOW on CHRISTMAS!”

LIGHT in the darkness

The house is still and dark.No one else is up. There’s nothing quite like the Christmas lights in the darkness. I soak up this moment sitting by my tree.….nothing quite like LIGHT in the darkness. I’m drawn to it. Are you? Sitting in the stillness, I’m reminded of the words from Zechariah’s holy prophecy, theContinue reading “LIGHT in the darkness”

He walked in on her with another man.

I sat our piping hot soup on the table last night and asked my man if there was anything new from the day. He rattled through some things and then says, “Oh yeah, pretty cool, I got to share with a guy at work how (his first wife) cheated on me. I told him IContinue reading “He walked in on her with another man.”

Who do you celebrate?

The angel said to the shepherds, “Fear not, for I bring you good news of great joy that will be for all the people.” There is good news of great joy because the Savior was born. Yet so many feel no joy. They remain unaffected by the familiarity of the Christmas story. So many, especiallyContinue reading “Who do you celebrate?”