Ministry is SEDUCTIVE

My friend and mentor, once told me, “ministry is seductive”.

I’ve pondered Karen’s words for years and asked God to guard my heart and mind in Christ Jesus as I write and speak.

One day as I prayed, the Holy Spirit helped me think about myself as a water hose. A water hose has no useful purpose unless it is connected to the source of water, the faucet (God).

I asked God to flow through me and to remind me often that it is the water, the Living Water, Jesus in me, that people need and not me. I asked Him to guard my heart from pride and help me stay connected to Him.

I know if the “water” ceases to flow through me, I’ve got nothing to offer, nothing worth hearing.

So here’s my caution, if you are involved in ministry (and most of us are within the church and certainly within our homes) stay connected to the Source of Living Water.

On your own, you’ve got nothing to offer and are very likely to lead others astray.

And, as we all listen to pastors and teachers, let’s make sure what we accept as truth is flowing from the Word of God. Test everything (1 Thess 5:21). Especially in these days, where right is wrong and wrong is right, and social media gives too many a platform.

Let’s be on guard and very careful to not flock to those who seek glory for themselves instead of God (John 7:18). (One warning sign is that they rarely use Scripture).

After all, it’s the Living Water we need, not a bunch of disconnected hoses laying around looking for attention for themselves. Those will only trip us up!

1 Cor 1:31, 2:5




I’m praying over the next book of the Bible to study. I appreciate your prayers.

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