What if we actually did this?

We humans exalt those on a stage. Jesus exalts those who serve.

The servant-hearted Savior was patient with His disciples as they argued over who would be the greatest in Kingdom of Heaven. (Luke 22:24-30).

For years, He had been living the answer right in front of them as He selflessly served others.

And we shake our head. But the truth is, our hearts are often the same.

And even as we serve, we, often, secretly still long for recognition.

But the longer we live, the more we learn satisfaction from human praise is ever-fleeting.

Jesus talks of the greatness of serving, but then He goes on to mention the reward that will come for those who had “continued” with Him in His trials (Luke 22:28).

And I can’t help but think of those I’ve known who have continued with Jesus in the trials.

Watching others “continue with Jesus” and even serve others, as they face cancer, the death of a child, the betrayal of a spouse, false accusations, abandonment by a parent, and on and on, has increased my faith so very much.

In their worst nightmares, I’ve watched others hold tight to Jesus and find Him to be more than enough to sustain them when all else seemed to fail them.

They didn’t get bitter. They continued on with Him in the trials.

It makes me think of the early Christians, who did not did not pray that the persecution they faced for proclaiming Christ should stop; but they prayed that the Lord would give them the boldness they needed to continue to speak the Word of God. (Acts 4)

Oh friend, let’s— love and hold tight to Jesus, let’s continue with Him in the trials. Let’s boldly live and speak the Word of God! And let’s love and serve others!

What if we actually did that? How our world might see Him in us and want Him too!

What a Savior! There is no Rock like our God!





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