Happy New Year, friends!

Joyful expectation.What will the New Year hold? With the turn of the calendar,a clean slate.A fresh start. What will I do differently?Better? Oh the hope of a New Year! How we want that excitement and those resolutions to last. How, deep down, we may worry, even now, on this first day of a fresh newContinue reading “Happy New Year, friends!”

Things Remembered & Things Forgotten

I’ve grown to love the smell of the woods and the peace of a babbling brook. I’ve also learned to love the laughter, thrills and squeals of riding UTVs through mud holes, and up mountains, and discovering the beauty of Tennessee’s backwoods. Recently, on one such adventure we came across a cemetery in the middleContinue reading “Things Remembered & Things Forgotten”

So, why all the craziness in this world God created?

So, why all the craziness, and sadness, and sickness, and disease,and death in this world God created? Genesis, chapter three. The Fall. Most of us know the true story of sin entering the world. And it is true, you know. “It is idle to call the narrative of the Fall a mere allegory; one hadContinue reading “So, why all the craziness in this world God created?”