He walked in on her with another man.

I sat our piping hot soup on the table last night and asked my man if there was anything new from the day.

He rattled through some things and then says, “Oh yeah, pretty cool, I got to share with a guy at work how (his first wife) cheated on me. I told him I literally walked in on her in bed with another man.”

My husband went on to explain how the guy was shocked; but how that opened the door for him to talk about how that’s when he drew closest to Jesus, and how Jesus had healed his heart.

Can you imagine finding joy in sharing your deepest pain because it allows you to talk about the Savior who carried you?

You can, you know.

When we run to Jesus, He heals hearts and fills us with joy.

But know this, running to Jesus isn’t just for those who’ve been hurt. It’s also for those who’ve done the hurting, who’ve caused the pain, who messed it all up.

Maybe instead of being cheated on, you were the one doing the cheating. Maybe you’ve done something so horrible, you think you can’t run to Jesus.

Oh friend, if you are reading these words, consider THIS your invitation. Know it’s the lies of the evil one telling you grace is not for you.

As Jesus sat with prostitutes, drunks and thieves, he said, “Those who are well have no need of a physician, but those who are sick. I have not come to call the righteous but sinners to repentance.” (Luke 5:31-32).

Jesus came to a people walking in darkness. He came for the hurt and the broken and those caught up in every kind of sin.


He, alone, is the the light of hope. He came to break chains and set the captives free.

He sees everything every one of us has ever done or will ever do.

He knew all of THAT (yes, that awful thing you just thought of) before He ever stepped foot into our world as a babe in a manger.

He came to die, to be the Perfect Lamb, to shed His blood so our sins could be forever forgiven. All of them!

He is healing for the hurting and freedom for the captives. He, alone, can turn our wailing into dancing.

There is no sin too dark, or hurt too deep, for the King of Kings.

Have you ran to Him? You can, you know.

And those who know the Lord, those who call on His Name, who have been rescued by His amazing Grace and set free from their chains—

We have so very much to be excited to tell! We have so much to celebrate this Christmas week and all year through!

What a Savior!
The CHRIST of Christmas!
I’m so VERY thankful!



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