I’m so thankful he keeps asking

I was so sad. For some reason, our cuckoo clock had crashed to the floor and had been laying,in pieces, on my dining room table, for weeks. We had bought it years ago when our young family lived overseas. Yesterday, I walked by as my husband, reading glasses perched on his nose, and pliers inContinue reading “I’m so thankful he keeps asking”

I’ve seen it over and over

I’ve seen it over and over. Have you? There is blessing for those who trust in God. They stand on the solid Rock, Who is Christ Jesus. God’s promises are their anchor. Jesus calms their storms. Though the world around them may be shaken, they are curiously steady. Steady. Though others fall away to theContinue reading “I’ve seen it over and over”

When It’s Dark the Light still Shines.

This was one year ago. The trail is closed. But the light still shines…. We grabbed our bag chairs out of the back of the truck and walked toward the trail. Rain was dripping from the trees and night was coming. We weren’t exactly sure what to expect, but for years we had heard aboutContinue reading “When It’s Dark the Light still Shines.”

Is Jesus Coming Soon?

Lately, I’ve found myself wondering if Jesus is coming back soon. Have you? Here are some things we know about the Second Coming of Christ— People will be going about their normal day-to-day stuff… getting married, partying, buying and selling, building, and planting gardens. (Luke 17:26-30) Many will reject Jesus. Wickedness will also be acceptedContinue reading “Is Jesus Coming Soon?”