Though this world seems out of control…

Have you noticed when we first come to know the Lord, our joy is tremendous, we find peace we have never experienced, and we walk in hope we never had before? BUT THEN, time and daily life begin to creep in and the hard realities of this “not-yet” side of Heaven begin to wear manyContinue reading “Though this world seems out of control…”

These words should never be spoken by a Christian!

“I’m so happy you found your truth”. These words should never be spoken from the mouth of a Christian. There is no “your truth” and “my truth”. Truth is not relative. God forbid that we tell anyone, anywhere, about any subject, that they can find their own personal truth. But that’s just what I’m seeing,Continue reading “These words should never be spoken by a Christian!”


I read multiple accounts yesterday of believers in Afghanistan literally running for their lives, being hunted by the enemy. Oh, but friends, the same is happening here in ways we cannot so easily see. The evil one is crouching at our doors looking for whom he might devour. (I Peter 5:8) Be sober. Be alert.Continue reading “May we NOT SLEEP!”

Can I be okay if others aren’t okay with me?

John’s short letter is full of powerful truth. He has shared God-inspired wisdom about walking away from sin, forgiving others, and accepting God’s forgiveness so we might walk in freedom. John goes on to say, “Beloved, if our heart does not condemn us, we have confidence before God”;(1 John 3:21) While we know we can’tContinue reading “Can I be okay if others aren’t okay with me?”

We shouldn’t be shocked when the world hates us as Christians, but….

John has explained the difference between those who are children of God and those who are not, and goes into great detail about the practice of righteousness and the practice of sin (see 1 John 3:4-10 and yesterday’s post about this). BUT THEN, John, inspired by God, adds a short, but tremendously important, phrase “norContinue reading “We shouldn’t be shocked when the world hates us as Christians, but….”

These hard days may get harder, but….

It’s getting pretty tough to live in this lost world where so many deny Jesus is the Christ. They seem to reason ,” If I refuse to believe Jesus is the Christ, then he can’t be “boss” of me, I can reject his ways, and go my own way”. But they are lying to themselves.Continue reading “These hard days may get harder, but….”

When It’s Dark

We grabbed our bag chairs out of the back of the truck and walked toward the trail. Rain was dripping from the trees and night was coming. We weren’t exactly sure what to expect, but for years we had heard about the mysterious, beautiful synchronous fireflies in our nearby Smoky Mountains. We walked a shortContinue reading “When It’s Dark”

Get Used To Different!

The widely popular show, The Chosen, (I love it!) has a saying, “Get used to different”. People are buying out all the show’s shirts that say this. The point is, to emphasize, how, after Jesus comes into our lives, we are different. He changes us and things look different because of Him. When the worldContinue reading “Get Used To Different!”


Men.All day long they are being bashed. Just because they were born male, men seem to be taking a hit in our culture. As a wife, and a mom of sons, as a woman who loves my husband, my dad, my brother, my son-in-law, and my nephews, too, this makes me incredibly sad. For years,Continue reading “SAVE the MEN!”

A note from my daughter

What cost are you willing to pay?(a note from Abi Jaggers McCollough) I’ve been journeying through the book of Acts lately. Paul truly was an incredible warrior for the Kingdom of God. To be honest with you, I have felt some conviction reading through this book. I think it would be easy to brush offContinue reading “A note from my daughter”

Church Basements

They are holy places.Church basements. As I walked down the stairs, my shoes clicked on the cold concrete floors, and I ran my fingers on the familiar painted concrete block walls. This wasn’t the church I had grown up in, but it sure reminded me of, when as a child, I had clicked my patentContinue reading “Church Basements”

One of the most shared things I’ve ever written—

This remains one of the most shared things I’ve ever written. It’s hard truth, but there is HOPE! —- They are some of the most miserable people I know–young adults who haven’t really picked a side. They try to live in two worlds—the one they rule and the one where Jesus makes the rules. TheyContinue reading “One of the most shared things I’ve ever written—”

When Life Sucks You Dry

There are THOSE moments when the stuff of this life simply sucks you dry. And you are a Christian. There are days where the problems scream, and everything in you has to fight to remember truth. There are days the battle seems great and the blessings feel, well, small. Real small. And stress, and worry,Continue reading “When Life Sucks You Dry”

When they call you names

Yesterday, a young, full of himself and this world person, called me “”Karen” after I shared something he didn’t like. While he meant it in a derogatory way, I smiled because one of the most godly women I have ever known was named “Karen”. She is with Jesus now, and she was my friend andContinue reading “When they call you names”

Is God shaking us?

There’s part of me that wants the vote to go the way of conservatives, and values, and religious freedom. But there’s also a part of me (admittedly kind of shaking in her boots), that wants the Lord to do whatever it takes to help us love Him first. And maybe that includes shaking us toContinue reading “Is God shaking us?”

Hold on. Do you know who you are?

Do you know who you are? I’m not talking about some enneagram number or other test to help you discover yourself. No, this is powerful.This is supernatural.And it’s TRUE. If Jesus is your Savior, YOU are the church of the LIVING GOD, the pillar and ground of the truth. (1 Tim 3:15) As the churchContinue reading “Hold on. Do you know who you are?”

No longer just words on a page…

I sit thinking of friend after friend.Story after story.Every one of them.Not one of them came another way. Those I know well, who love God so deeply, whose trust is rock-solid, who possess the sweetest peace and unshakable hope…they each have this in common—they came the way of suffering. I bet you know them too.Continue reading “No longer just words on a page…”

I wonder if it was Christmas-time when they did what they did.

I think of this story every Christmas. I guess I wonder if it was Christmas-time when they did what they did. I am forever thankful. How I wish I knew their names. I’m sure they are walking the streets of glory now with the Savior, but I wonder if they know how very much theyContinue reading “I wonder if it was Christmas-time when they did what they did.”

Light in the Darkness

The house is still and dark.No one else is up. There’s nothing quite like the Christmas lights in the darkness. I soak up this moment sitting by my tree.….nothing quite like LIGHT in the darkness. I’m drawn to it. Are you? Sitting in the stillness, I’m reminded of the words from Zechariah’s holy prophecy, theContinue reading “Light in the Darkness”